Regiment Overvaal

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Regiment Overvaal
SANDF Regiment Overvaal emblem
SANDF Regiment Overvaal emblem
  • 1 April 1969 to form 8 Light Anti-Aircraft
  • 27 April 1973 as Regiment Overvaal
Country  South Africa
Type Reserve Artillery
Part of
Garrison/HQ Vereeniging, Gauteng
Motto(s) Ense Et Aratro Serving in war and peace
OC 1969-1973 Commandant R.D.J. Coetzee
OC 1973-1983 Commandant L. Human
OC 1983-1988 Commandant P.J. Viljoen
OC 1988-1991 Commandant P.J. Roetz
OC 1991-1997 Lt Colonel J.C. Zelie
Collar Badge Bursting grenade with seven flames
Beret Colour Oxford Blue
Battery emblems SANDF anti aircraft company emblems
Beret bar circa 1992 SANDF Anti Aircraft beret bar

Regiment Overvaal is a reserve force regiment of the South African Army Air Defence Artillery Formation.



8 Light Anti-Aircraft (8 LAA) was established in 1969 as a Medium Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment and was based on the Vereeniging Military Base. The unit was established without any troops. P Battery of Regiment Vaalrivier was therefore subsequently transferred on 1 October 1969 to form 8 LAA.[1]

SADF era 8 LLA shoulder title


The first Officer Commanding was Commandant R.D.J. Coetzee and the first RSM WO1 C.S. Feldtmann.[2]

Major R.D.J. Coetzee was appointed as the acting Commanding Officer on formation of the unit and was accompanied by 420 members consisting of:

  • 11 officers (2 majors, 1 captain, 3 lieutenants and 5 second lieutenants)
  • 40 NCOs (1 WO2, 6 sergeants, 22 bombardiers and 11 lance-bombardiers)
  • 369 Gunners[3]


8 LAA was renamed on 27 April 1973 as Regiment Overvaal.

Higher HQ[edit]

Regiment Overvaal fell under the regional durisdiction of Witwatersrand Command from 1969 to 1974.

Divisional Command[edit]

Regiment Overvaal was assigned to support 8th Armoured Division from 1974 to 1984.

Regiment Overvaal then was assigned to Far Northern Command from 1984 to 1987.

The regiment was finally returned to 8th Armoured Division from 1987 to 1997.

Freedom of Entry[edit]

The Regiment was awarded the Right and Privilege of Freedom of Entry into Vereeniging on the 6 September 1986 with Commandant. P.J. Viljoen accepting that honour. This Freedom was exercised in the 15 September 1990 with Commandant. P.J.Roetz commanding.


Regiment Overvaal is a unit which executes the Anti-Aircraft task independently, or in support of other arms using radar controlled Oerlikon GDF guns. These cannon can be used in all-weather conditions against low flying aircraft and can, if necessary be used in a ground role as well.

Operational Service[edit]

Riot Control[edit]

Mamelodi, Shoshanguwe and KwaNdebele - 1987/1988


Previous Insignia[edit]

SADF era Regiment Overvaal insignia


Regiment Overvaal Leadership
From Commanding Officers To
1969 Cmdt R.D.J. Coetzee JCD 1973
1973 Cmdt L. Human MMM JCD 1983
1983 Cmdt P.J. Viljoen MMM JCD 1988
1988 Cmdt P.J. Roetz MMM JCD 1991
1991 Lt Col J.C. Zelie MMM 1997
From Regimental Sergeants Major To
1969 WO1 C.S. Feldtmann MMM 1984
1984 WO1 G.D.J. Beukes MMM JCD 1988
1988 WO1 F.J. du Plooy MMM 1991
1991 WO1 J.J.G. Greyling JCD 1994
1994 WO1 J. Klonarides JCD 1997
From Chaplains To
nd Unknown nd


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