Regin Dahl

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Regin Dahl
Born5 November 1918
Died29 March 2007(2007-03-29) (aged 88)

Regin Dahl (5 November 1918 – 29 March 2007) was a Faroese author and composer. [1]


Dahl came from a literary family; his father being the translator and provost Jákup Dahl.[2] His own poetry has been described as more modernistic than that of many previous Faroese poets.[3]

His family also contained musicians like his grandfather Georg Casper Hansen, and Dahl himself was noted as a composer. In youth he did not know how to transcribe his compositions so would work on them in his head before performing them at cultural events. As a composer he wrote musical settings for 34 Erik Axel Karlfeldt poems and created around 450 compositions in all.[4]

In the mid 1990s, Marianne Clausen made musical transcriptions of his many compositions, and published them as Atlantsløg and Atlantsløg II under his name.[5][6][7]


Dahl was honoured in 1998 with the Faroese Cultural Prize (Mentanarvirðisløn Landsins). He was the first person to receive this annual award. [8]


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