Regina City Council

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Regina City Council
FoundedDecember 1, 1883 (1883-12-01)
Seats11 (10 plus mayor)
Length of term
4 years
Last election
November 9, 2020
Next election
October 23, 2024
Latin: Floreat Regina (Regina Flourishes)[1]
Meeting place
Henry Baker Hall, Main Floor, City Hall, 2476 Victoria Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan
Regina City Hall - Queen Elizabeth II Court

Regina City Council is the governing body of Regina, the capital city of the central Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The council, which meets in Henry Baker Hall at Queen Elizabeth II Court, consists of the mayor, who is elected city-wide, and ten councillors representing ten wards throughout the city. The current council was elected to a four-year term on November 9, 2020.[2]


Ward Councillor First elected 2020 Notes
Mayor Sandra Masters 2020 Elected with 46.4% of vote Masters is the first female elected mayor in either of Saskatchewan's two major cities. She defeated two-term incumbent Michael Fougere in 2020.[3]
1 Cheryl Stadnichuk 2020 Elected with 52.5% of vote Stadnichuk unseated incumbent Barbara Young in 2020.[4]
2 Bob Hawkins 2012 Re-elected with 47.3% of vote
3 Andrew Stevens 2016 Re-elected with 72.3% of vote
4 Lori Bresciani 2016 Acclaimed After being elected by a margin of 59 votes in 2016, Bresicani was unopposed in 2020.[5]
5 John Findura 2009 Re-elected with 50.5% of vote
6 Dan LeBlanc 2020 Elected with 31.1% of vote LeBlanc unseated incumbent Joel Murray in 2020.[4]
7 Terina Shaw 2020 Elected with 30.8% of vote Shaw unseated incumbent Sharron Bryce in 2020.[4]
8 Shanon Zachidniak 2020 Elected with 37.4% of vote Seat left vacant by Mike O'Donnell, who opted not to run in 2020.[4]
9 Jason Mancinelli 2016 Re-elected with 34% of vote
10 Landon Mohl 2020 Elected with 21.8% of vote Seat left vacant by Jerry Flegel, who entered the race for mayor in 2020.[4]

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