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Regina Doman
Born 1970
Havertown, Pennsylvania
Occupation Catholic fiction writer

Regina Doman is a Christian writer who was born in 1970 in Havertown, Pennsylvania.[1]

Doman graduated in 1988 from Koinoinia Academy of Warren, New Jersey.[1] She received her bachelor's degree in 1992 from Franciscan University of Steubenville with a major in TV Communications and concentrations in drama and scriptwriting.[1]

After graduating from university, she worked for two years as an assistant editor for Catholics United for the Faith in New York City.[2] Three years later - in 1997 - she released her first novel, Snow White and Rose Red: A Modern Fairy Tale.[1] In 2002, it was republished under the title The Shadow of the Bear. Its sequel, Black as Night, was published in 2004.[3] In 2012, her manga biography of Pope Benedict XVI, Habemus Papem: Pope Benedict XVI, was published by American publisher Manga Hero. Along with Rebecca Bratten, Doman co-authored Catholic Philosopher Chick Makes Her Debut, published also in 2012.

Doman is a former editor with Sophia Institute Press.[1]

She has produced audio dramas including Enemy Brothers, Perpetua’s Choice, and her own book Shadow of the Bear.[1]


  • Snow White and Rose Red: A Modern Fairy Tale
  • Black as Night
  • Angel in the Waters
  • The Shadow of the Bear
  • Waking Rose
  • The Midnight Dancers
  • Alex O'Donnell and the 40 Cyber Thieves
  • Rapunzel Let Down
  • Habemus Papem: Pope Benedict XVI
  • Catholic Philosopher Chick Makes Her Debut (with Rebecca Bratten)
  • Pope Francis: I Believe in Mercy


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