Regina Kent

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Regina Kent
Chinese name 簡慧珍 (traditional)
Chinese name 简慧珍 (simplified)
Pinyin Jǐan Hùizhén (Mandarin)
Jyutping Gan5 Wai6 Zan1 (Cantonese)
Born (1967-09-04)4 September 1967
Hong Kong
Died 16 August 1999(1999-08-16) (aged 31)
Hong Kong
Years active 1985 - 1990

Regina Kent (September 4, 1967 – August 16, 1999) was a Hong Kong actress who acted in some notable Hong Kong films in the 1980s.



Kent starred as May in the 1986 film Legacy of Rage alongside Brandon Lee and Michael Wong. She then played Peggy Lung in the 1987 film A Better Tomorrow 2 alongside Chow Yun-fat and Dean Shek. She appeared in two Jackie Chan films, the 1987 film Project A Part II and 1989 film Miracles. She played a Nun in the 1989 film Vampire Vs. Vampire along with Lam Ching-ying. Kent retired from acting at age 23, in 1990.


On August 16, 1999, Kent died of a brain tumor at the age of 31.



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