Regina Rage

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Regina Rage
Team logo
Established 2012
Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Home field Brandt Centre
Head coach Ryan Guey
Owner(s) Lingerie Football League, LLC
League Legends Football League
Division LFL Canada

Green, white, black, and silver


The Regina Rage is an expansion team in the Lingerie Football League in the inaugural LFL Canada season in 2012-2013. Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, the Rage played its home games at the Brandt Centre. The LFL Canada folded after one season following disputes between players and management. The disputes were a result of safety concerns and mismanagement of the regular season schedule.

The Rage were one of four charter teams to play in the LFL Canada league, along with the Toronto Triumph (which played in the 2011–12 LFL season), the BC Angels, and Saskatoon Sirens.[1]

The Rage's colours are a tribute to Regina's professional football team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The name "the Regina Rage" was stolen from a local rugby club of the same name. The Western Women's Canadian Football League has a women's tackle football team named the Calgary Rage, which also predates the LFL.

The 2013 LFL Canada season has been postponed indefinitely due to player disputes, league office scheduling and general preparation. Whether the league will be able to come back from hiatus is questionable at this time. The league has been accused of fining players for wearing too many clothes, as well as not paying medical bills for injured players. The league prohibits players from commenting on personnel matters, a rule that prompted the vast majority of the Toronto Triumph, including team captain Krista Ford, to quit in protest in October 2011. Originally a professional league with players receiving a cut of net revenue, Mortaza stopped paying his players beginning in the 2011 season and converted the league into an amateur organization; players must also pay for their own health insurance.



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