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Short form(s)Reg
Pet form(s)Reggie
See alsoRagnall, Reinhold, Ronald, Rex

Reginald is a masculine given name in the English language.

Etymology and history[edit]

The meaning of Reginald is “King".[1] The name is derived from the Latin Reginaldus, which has been influenced by the Latin word regina, meaning "queen". This Latin name is a Latinisation of a Germanic language name. This Germanic name is composed of two elements: the first ragin, meaning "advice", "counsel",[2] "decision";[3] the second element is wald, meaning "rule",[2] "ruler".[3] The Old German form of the name is Raginald; Old French forms are Reinald and Reynaud.[4]

Forms of this Germanic name were first brought to the British Isles by Scandinavians, in the form of the Old Norse Rögnvaldr. This name was later reinforced by the arrival of the Normans in the 11th century, in the Norman forms Reinald and Reynaud.[2]

The Latin Reginaldus was used as a Latin form of cognate names, such as the Old Norse Rögnvaldr, and the Gaelic Ragnall and Raghnall.[5]

Another French form, Renouard, was introduced by the Visigoths.[6] By the 18th and 19th centuries, the alternate spelling Renoir also came into use.[citation needed]


  • Afrikaans: Ryno
  • Ancient Germanic: Raginald, Reinald, Reinhold
  • Ancient Scandinavian: Ragnvaldr
  • Arabic: ريجنالد (Ryǧināld)
  • Belarusian: Рэджынальд (Redžynaĺd)
  • Bulgarian: Реджиналд (Redzhinald)
  • Catalan: Renald
  • Chinese: 雷金纳德 (Léijīnnàdé) (雷金納德)
  • Danish: Ragnvald
  • Dutch: Reinoud, Reinout
  • Finnish: Reino
  • Filipino: Regino
  • French: Renaud, Renoir, Renouard, Reynaud
  • German: Reinhold
  • Gujarati: રેજિનાલ્ડ (Rējinālḍa)
  • Hebrew: רג'ינלד (Rejinald)
  • Hindi: रेगीनाल्ड (Rēgīnālḍa)
  • Icelandic: Rögnvaldur
  • Irish: Raghnall
  • Italian: Rinaldo
  • Japanese: レジナルド (Rejinarudo)
  • Kannada: ರೆಜಿನಾಲ್ಡ್ (Rejinālḍ)
  • Korean: 레지날드 (Rejinaldeu)
  • Latin: Reginaldus
  • Macedonian: Реџиналд (Redžinald)
  • Middle Irish: Ragnall
  • Mongolian: Режиналд (Ryejinald)
  • Norwegian: Ragnvald
  • Old French: Reinald, Reynaud
  • Old German: Raginald
  • Old Irish: Ragnall
  • Old Norse: Rögnvaldr
  • Persian: رجینالد
  • Polish: Reginald
  • Portuguese: Reginaldo, Reinaldo, Reynaldo, Ronaldo
  • Punjabi: ਰੇਜਿਨਾਲਡ (Rējinālaḍa)
  • Russian: Рогволод (Rogvolod)
  • Scottish Gaelic: Raghnall
  • Serbian: Региналд (Reginald)
  • Spanish: Reinaldo, Reynaldo
  • Swedish: Ragnvald
  • Tamil: ரெஜினால்டு (Rejiṉālṭu)
  • Telugu: రెజినాల్డ్ (Rejinālḍ)
  • Thai: เรจินัล (Recinạl)
  • Ukrainian: Реджинальд (Redzhynalʹd)
  • Welsh: Rheinallt
  • Yiddish: רעגינאַלד (Reginald)

Use and popularity[edit]

Today Reginald is regarded as a very formal name, and bearers generally shorten their name to Reg in ordinary usage. Reggie is a pet form of Reg.[3]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Reginald, fictional character in Saki's short stories
  • Reginald, nemesis and cousin of Richie Rich in the movie and comic books
  • Reginald Barclay, recurring character in the Star Trek fictional universe
  • Reginald Bunthorne, the main character of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera Patience
  • Bushroot, Reginald Bushroot, supervillain in the Disney television series Darkwing Duck
  • Reginald Deadman, police constable in the British television sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart
  • Reggie Mantle, the fictional character in Archie Comics
  • Reginald Perrin, the main character of a series of novels by David Nobbs, and The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, the popular BBC-commissioned 1970s comedy based upon it
  • Reginald Jeeves, known mostly by his last name only, the personal servant to Bertie Wooster in a series of short stories and novels by P. G. Wodehouse
  • Reginald Fox, cartoon character (a fox) created by Tex Avery (MGM) in 1949, stars with Droopy in Outfoxed, MGM cartoons, 1949
  • Reginald "Reg" Hollis, a long-standing fictional police constable in the British television series The Bill
  • Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins, fictional character in the American television series The Wire
  • Reginald, a fictional koala bear in American Dad!, voiced by Erik Durbin
  • Harvey Reginald Specter, named partner at Pearson Specter from the TV series Suits
  • Reggie Wylie, Gerty MacDowell's sweetheart in short trousers in James Joyce's Ulysses
  • Chief Inspector Reginald Wexford, the protagonist in a series of mysteries by Ruth Rendell
  • General Reginald Peter Skarr, character in Evil Con Carne and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
  • Reginald “Belch” Huggins, a minor antagonist in Stephen King’s 1986 novel It.
  • Reginald “Red” Forman, a character from That 70s Show.
  • Reginald Roach (Reg, Reggie), a character from "Roboroach" cartoon.
  • Reginald, a character from "Woody Woodpecker" cartoon.
  • Chief Superintendent Reginald Bright, character in the Endeavour TV series.


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