Reginald Engelbach

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Reginald Engelbach
Born(1888-07-09)9 July 1888
Died26 February 1946(1946-02-26) (aged 57)
Cairo, Egypt
Known forCairo Museum register
SpouseNancy Lambert

Reginald "Rex" Engelbach (9 July 1888 – 26 February 1946) was an English Egyptologist and engineer. He is mainly known for his works in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, above all the compilation of a register of artifacts belonging of the museum.


Initially trained in engineering, in 1908 Engelbach had to discontinue his studies due to a long illness; in 1909-10 he went to convalesce in Egypt where he became fascinated by ancient Egyptian culture. In 1911 he started a collaboration with Sir Flinders Petrie as his assistant, excavating in various places such as Heliopolis, Riqqeh and Harageh. He later excavated in the Near East too.
In 1915 he get married and in 1920-21, after World War I, he resumed working with Petrie in his excavation at El-Lahun and Abu Gorab. He subsequently earned a remarkable number of charges and awards and began working at the Cairo Museum. His career, formed on both field and museum, culminated with the creation of the Register of the antiquities in the Cairo Museum. He died in Cairo on 26 February 1946.[1]

Significant works[edit]


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