Region 2, Northwest Territories

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Region 2 is the name of a Statistics Canada census division, one of six in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It was introduced in the 2011 census, along with Regions 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6, resulting in the abolition of the former census divisions of Fort Smith Region and Inuvik Region (the latter not to be confused with the modern-day administrative region of the same name).

Its territorial extent coincides very closely with the Sahtu Region administrative region.[1][2]

The 2011 census reported a population of 2,341 and a land area of 220,751.92 km2 (85,232.79 sq mi).[3]

Main languages in the Region include English (71.6%) and Slavey (25.9%) [4]




Coordinates: 65°16′52″N 126°49′53″W / 65.2811°N 126.8314°W / 65.2811; -126.8314