Regional Assembly of Murcia

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Assembly of Murcia
Asamblea de Murcia
Parlamento de Murcia
Murcia unicameral legislature
Houses Unicameral
Seats 45
Political groups

Government (22)

  •      PP (22)

Supported by (4)

  •      C's (4)

Opposition (19)

Length of term
4 years
Last election
May 24, 2015
Next election
Meeting place
Asamblea Regional de Murcia.jpg
Regional Assembly building
Cartagena, Murcia

The Regional Assembly of Murcia (Spanish: Asamblea Regional de Murcia) is the autonomous parliament of the Region of Murcia, one of the autonomous communities of Spain. The unicameral assembly, which contained 45 elected legislative seats, is located in the Murcian city of Cartagena, Spain.

The People's Party (PP) retained its majority in the 2011 Murcian Regional election with 33 seats out of 45.[1] It went on to lose its majority in 2015, falling 1 seat short of a majority with 22 seats. It now relies on the support of C's to stay in power.[2]