Regional Basketball League (Lithuania)

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Regional Basketball League (Lithuania)
RKL Logo.jpg
Sport Basketball
Founded 2005
No. of teams 32
Country  Lithuania
Most recent
Molėtai Ežerūnas-Karys
Level on pyramid 3rd tier
Promotion to NKL
Relegation to RKL B Division
Official website

RKL (Lithuanian: Regioninė Krepšinio Lyga, English: Regional Basketball League) is a third Lithuania basketball league. Regional Basketball League started their activity in 2005. RKL consists of 32 basketball teams from 28 Lithuania cities. Regions divided to four groups: Aukštaitija, Žemaitija, Suvalkija and center of Lithuania. Each group has eight basketball teams. In the 2006-2007 RKL season, there was some differences as the regions was divided to two groups: East and West of Lithuania and the number of participants was 28 (14 teams for each group). There is B Division of RKL, which is the 4th tier basketball league of Lithuania.

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