Regional Council of Veneto

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Regional Council of Veneto
10th Legislature
Seats 51
Regional Council Veneto now.svg
Political groups

Government (29)

Opposition (22)

  •      PD (11)
  •      M5S (5)
  •      LTV (3)
  •      NCD (1)
  •      Others (2)
Last election
31 March 2015
Meeting place
Palazzo Ferro Fini, Venice
Flag of Veneto.svg
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The Regional Council of Veneto (Consiglio Regionale del Veneto) is the regional parliament of Veneto.

The Council, which has its seat at Palazzo Ferro Fini in Venice, was first elected in 1970, when ordinary regions were established, twenty-two years after the Italian Constitution envisioned them in 1948.


The Regional Council of Veneto (Consiglio Regionale del Veneto) is composed of 51 members. 49 councillors are elected in provincial constituencies by proportional representation using the largest remainder method with a Droop quota and open lists, while the remaining two are the elected President and the candidate for President who comes second. The winning coalition wins a bonus of seats in order to make sure the elected President has a majority in the Council.[1][2][3]

The Council is elected for a five-year term, but, if the President suffers a vote of no confidence, resigns or dies, under the simul stabunt, simul cadent (literally they will stand together or they will fall together) clause introduced in the Italian Constitution in 1999 and later incorporate in the Statute of Veneto, also the Council is dissolved and an early election is called.[4]

The current President of the Council is Roberto Ciambetti of Liga VenetaLega Nord.

Current composition[edit]

Distribution of Seats in the Regional Council
Political Group Leader 2015 Now
Liga VenetaLega Nord Nicola Finco 11 12
Zaia President[a] Silvia Rizzotto 13 11
Democratic Party Alessandra Moretti / Stefano Fracasso 9 8
Five Star Movement Jacopo Berti 5 5
Forza Italia Massimiliano Barison 3 3
Tosi List for Veneto Stefano Casali 3 3
Moretti President Franco Ferrari 2 2
NCDUdCPopular Area Marino Zorzato 1 1
Independence We Veneto / We Are Veneto Antonio Guadagnini 1 1
Brothers of Italy Sergio Berlato 1 1
Civic Veneto Pietro Dalla Libera 1 1
Il Veneto del Fare Giovanna Negro 1 1
Mixed Group[b] Piero Ruzzante 0 2

Sources: Regional Council of Veneto – Groups and Regional Council of Veneto – Members


  1. ^ All the members of the group are members of Liga VenetaLega Nord. See
  2. ^ The two members of the group are Piero Ruzzante, splinter of the Democratic Party and member of the Democrats and Progressives, and Stefano Valdegamberi, a former member of the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats and elect of the Zaia President list in 2015.


Presidents of the Regional Council of Veneto
President Party Term Legislature
Vito Orcalli DC 1970–1974 I Legislature
Giancarlo Gambaro DC 1974–1975 I Legislature
Giancarlo Gambaro DC 1975 II Legislature
Bruno Marchetti PSI 1975–1980 II Legislature
Bruno Marchetti PSI 1980–1985 III Legislature
Francesco Guidolin DC 1985–1990 IV Legislature
Amalia Sartori PSI 1990 V Legislature
Umberto Carraro PSI 1990–1995 V Legislature
Amalia Sartori FI 1995–2000 VI Legislature
Enrico Cavaliere LV 2000–2005 VII Legislature
Marino Finozzi LV 2005–2010 VIII Legislature
Clodovaldo Ruffato PdL 2010–2015 IX Legislature
Roberto Ciambetti LV 2015–present X Legislature

Source: Regional Council of Veneto

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