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Redwoods shading the forest area of the garden.
Wyethia helenioides, gray mule's ears, in the garden
View of the Botanic Garden in November 2013

The Regional Parks Botanic Garden is a 10-acre (4 hectare) botanical garden located in Tilden Regional Park in the Berkeley Hills, east of Berkeley, California, in the United States. It showcases California native plants, and is open to the public in daylight hours every day of the year except New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

The Garden was founded on January 1, 1940. Notable specimens include nearly all the state's conifers and oaks, a very good collection of wild lilacs (Ceanothus species), perhaps the most complete collection of California manzanitas anywhere, expanding collections of Californian native bunchgrasses and aquatics, and representatives of some 300 rare and endangered vascular taxa of California. The Garden is organized into sections, each representing a distinctive natural area in California:

with subsections:

Collected plants include: silktassels, manzanitas, osoberry, currants, barberries, Dutchman's pipe, fuchsia-flowered gooseberry, milkmaids, western leatherwood, scoliopus, redbud, California poppy, trilliums, shooting stars, wallflowers, fritillarias, fawn lilies, rock cress, pussy willows, California rose-bay or rhododendron, woolly blue curls, ninebark, mountain spiraea, summer holly, ceanothus, Chinese houses, irises, styrax, blazing star, monkeyflowers, fremontias, carpenteria, tidy tips, bush poppies, brodiaeas, mariposa tulips, cacti, clarkias, mock orange, western azalea, matilija poppy, fireweed, ocean spray, sweet shrub, columbines, penstemons, scarlet mimulus, buckwheats, evening primroses, gums, larkspur, lupines, California fuchsias, tarweeds, hibiscus, helianthus, snowberries, madrone, cottonwoods, deciduous oaks, dogwoods, hawthorn, willows, and vine maple.

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