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The Regional Studies Association is a major international learned society that is concerned with the analysis of regions and regional issues. Through its international membership, the RSA provides an authoritative voice of, and network for, academics, students, practitioners, policy makers and interested lay people in the field of regional studies.

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The Regional Studies Association (RSA) organises frequent events and conferences, and publishes the journals Regional Studies,[1] Spatial Economic Analysis,[2] and Territory, Politics, Governance,[3] the open access journal Regional Studies, Regional Science,[4] its Regions and Cities book series[5] with the publisher Taylor and Francis, and its newsletter, Regions.[6]

The RSA’s Research Networks[7] are formed by RSA members to organise a series of events to examine an issue of collective interest. The association offers grants of up to a maximum of £3000 to members wishing to establish a Research Network. The RSA offers funding for Early Career Researchers’ projects with grants of up to £10,000 in addition to Travel Grants for RSA members to attend non-RSA events.

The association comprises a large number of branches and country sections.

The RSA's Chair is Professor Andrew Beer (Adelaide University); he succeeded Professor David Bailey who served two terms as Chair over 2006-12. Its Chief Executive is Sally Hardy. The RSA's President until 2014 was Sir Peter Hall.

Sir Peter was awarded the RSA's Prize for Outstanding Contribution to the field of Regional Studies at the RSA's Presidential Lunch held at the House of Commons in September 2008. In subsequent years the association has awarded an annual Sir Peter Hall Prize for outstanding contribution to the field of Regional Studies, with recipients including Ann Markusen, John Bachtler, John Goddard, Michael Storper, Allen J. Scott and in 2014 Ray Hudson. The RSA also awards excellence in the field with its Best Book Award, Nathaniel Lichfield Award, RSA and Routledge Early Career Award, as well as its Best Paper and Best Referee Awards for all its academic journals (Regional Studies; Spatial Economic Analysis; Territory, Politics, Governance; and Regional Studies Regional Science).

The RSA is a member society of the Academy of Social Sciences, previously known as the Academy of Learned Societies in the Social Sciences.[8] The association is also a recognised United Nations NGO with Consultative Status (ECOSOC).

Territory, Politics, Governance[edit]

Territory, Politics, Governance  
Cover of 'Territory, Politics, Governance' journal, 2014.tiff
Discipline Political Science, Political Geography, Political Economy
Language English
Edited by John Agnew
Publication details
Routledge (United States)
Publication history
Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 2162-2671 (print)
2162-268X (web)
OCLC no. 739734193

Territory, Politics, Governance is a peer-reviewed academic journal covering the development of theory and research in territorial politics and the governance of space. It is an official journal of the Regional Studies Association and is published by Routledge. The editor-in-chief is John Agnew (University of California, Los Angeles) and the Co-Editors are Martin Jones, Michael Keating, Walter Nicholls, Bae-Gyoon Park, and Ananya Roy. Articles published in Territory, Politics, Governance have included papers by Saskia Sassen,[9] Jamie Peck,[10] and Gerard Toal.[11]

Regional Studies, Regional Science[edit]

Regional Studies, Regional Science  
Cover of 'Regional Studies, Regional Science' journal.png
Discipline Regional Science
Language English
Edited by Alasdair Rae and Alex Singleton
Publication details
Publication history
ISSN 2168-1376

Regional Studies, Regional Science is a peer-reviewed Open access journal publishing articles on regional issues in geography, economics, planning, and political science. It is an official journal of the Regional Studies Association and is published by Routledge. The editors-in-chief are Alasdair Rae (University of Sheffield) and Alex Singleton (University of Liverpool), who are supported by over 30 Associate Editors and an International Editorial Advisory Board with over 60 members. Regional Studies, Regional Science publishes a range of article types; including full length research articles of 8,000 words, shorter policy briefings of around 3,000 words and a ‘regional graphics’ section, featuring data visualisation in the form of maps, charts and other graphics. The journal also offers a mentored submission route for early career academics.

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