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A regional centre in the city-state of Singapore is a second-tier commercial zone after the main central business district in the Central Area. About 15 times the size of a normal town centre in Housing Development Board (HDB) towns, they are located in three suburban districts of Singapore, namely the Woodlands Regional Centre located at Woodlands in the North Region; the Tampines Regional Centre at Tampines in the East Region, and the Jurong East Regional Centre at Jurong East in the West Region. Future plans for these regional centres to include a fourth regional centre serving the North-East Region in Seletar.

These regional centres play a major role in the Development Guide Plan released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, of which the Housing Development Board coordinates its construction projects and services with. Regional centres are meant to decentralise the functions and services of Singapore's Central Area, helping to alleviate congestion there and to bring the workplace closer to peoples' homes. Regional centres primarily serve at least 800,000 people in each region, with people from other regions as a secondary concern. These regional centres contain a collection of shopping malls, hawker centres, and other forms of commercial facilities.

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