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The regional indicator symbols are a set of 26 alphabetic Unicode characters (A–Z) intended to be used to encode ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 two-letter country codes in a way that allows optional special treatment.

These were defined by as part of the Unicode 6.0 support for emoji, as an alternative to encoding separate characters for each country flag. Although they can be displayed as Roman letters, it is intended that implementations may choose to display them in other ways, such as by using national flags.[1][2] The Unicode FAQ indicates that this mechanism should be used and that symbols for national flags will not be directly encoded.[3]

They are encoded in the range U+1F1E6 🇦 REGIONAL INDICATOR SYMBOL LETTER A to U+1F1FF 🇿 REGIONAL INDICATOR SYMBOL LETTER Z within the Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement block in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane.[4]

Emoji flag sequences[edit]

A pair of regional indicator symbols is referred to as an emoji flag sequence (although it represents a specific region, not a specific flag for that region).[6]

Out of the 676 possible pairs of regional indicator symbols (26 × 26), only 270 are considered valid Unicode region codes. These are a subset of the region sequences in the Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR):[6][7][8]

  • All 256 regular region sequences in the CLDR
    • 249 officially assigned ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes
    • 6 exceptional reservations (Ascension Island, Clipperton Island, Diego Garcia, Ceuta and Melilla, Canary Islands, and Tristan da Cunha)
    • 1 user-assigned temporary country code (Kosovo)
  • Two of the 35 macroregion sequences in the CLDR (EU and UN)
  • All 12 deprecated region sequences in the CLDR (strongly discouraged—intended for backward compatibility only)
List of current emoji flag sequences
flag code region[9] possible rendering
🇦🇨 AC Ascension Island Emojione 1F1E6-1F1E8.svg
🇦🇪 AE United Arab Emirates Emojione 1F1E6-1F1EA.svg
🇦🇫 AF Afghanistan Emojione 1F1E6-1F1EB.svg
🇦🇬 AG Antigua & Barbuda Emojione 1F1E6-1F1EC.svg
🇦🇮 AI Anguilla Emojione 1F1E6-1F1EE.svg
🇦🇱 AL Albania Emojione 1F1E6-1F1F1.svg
🇦🇲 AM Armenia Emojione 1F1E6-1F1F2.svg
🇦🇴 AO Angola Emojione 1F1E6-1F1F4.svg
🇦🇶 AQ Antarctica Twemoji12 1f1e6-1f1f6.svg
🇦🇷 AR Argentina Emojione 1F1E6-1F1F7.svg
🇦🇸 AS American Samoa Twemoji12 1f1e6-1f1f8.svg
🇦🇹 AT Austria Emojione 1F1E6-1F1F9.svg
🇦🇺 AU Australia Emojione 1F1E6-1F1FA.svg
🇦🇼 AW Aruba Emojione 1F1E6-1F1FC.svg
🇦🇽 AX Åland Islands Twemoji12 1f1e6-1f1fd.svg
🇦🇿 AZ Azerbaijan Emojione 1F1E6-1F1FF.svg
🇧🇦 BA Bosnia & Herzegovina Emojione 1F1E7-1F1E6.svg
🇧🇧 BB Barbados Emojione 1F1E7-1F1E7.svg
🇧🇩 BD Bangladesh Emojione 1F1E7-1F1E9.svg
🇧🇪 BE Belgium Emojione 1F1E7-1F1EA.svg
🇧🇫 BF Burkina Faso Emojione 1F1E7-1F1EB.svg
🇧🇬 BG Bulgaria Emojione 1F1E7-1F1EC.svg
🇧🇭 BH Bahrain Emojione 1F1E7-1F1ED.svg
🇧🇮 BI Burundi Emojione 1F1E7-1F1EE.svg
🇧🇯 BJ Benin Emojione 1F1E7-1F1EF.svg
🇧🇱 BL St. Barthélemy Twemoji12 1f1e7-1f1f1.svg
🇧🇲 BM Bermuda Emojione 1F1E7-1F1F2.svg
🇧🇳 BN Brunei Emojione 1F1E7-1F1F3.svg
🇧🇴 BO Bolivia Emojione 1F1E7-1F1F4.svg
🇧🇶 BQ Caribbean Netherlands Twemoji12 1f1e7-1f1f6.svg
🇧🇷 BR Brazil Emojione 1F1E7-1F1F7.svg
🇧🇸 BS Bahamas Emojione 1F1E7-1F1F8.svg
🇧🇹 BT Bhutan Emojione 1F1E7-1F1F9.svg
🇧🇻 BV Bouvet Island Twemoji12 1f1e7-1f1fb.svg
🇧🇼 BW Botswana Emojione 1F1E7-1F1FC.svg
🇧🇾 BY Belarus Emojione 1F1E7-1F1FE.svg
🇧🇿 BZ Belize Emojione 1F1E7-1F1FF.svg
🇨🇦 CA Canada Emojione 1F1E8-1F1E6.svg
🇨🇨 CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands Twemoji12 1f1e8-1f1e8.svg
🇨🇩 CD Congo - Kinshasa Emojione 1F1E8-1F1E9.svg
🇨🇫 CF Central African Republic Emojione 1F1E8-1F1EB.svg
🇨🇬 CG Congo - Brazzaville Emojione 1F1E8-1F1EC.svg
🇨🇭 CH Switzerland Emojione 1F1E8-1F1ED.svg
🇨🇮 CI Côte d'Ivoire Emojione 1F1E8-1F1EE.svg
🇨🇰 CK Cook Islands Twemoji12 1f1e8-1f1f0.svg
🇨🇱 CL Chile Emojione 1F1E8-1F1F1.svg
🇨🇲 CM Cameroon Emojione 1F1E8-1F1F2.svg
🇨🇳 CN China Emojione 1F1E8-1F1F3.svg
🇨🇴 CO Colombia Emojione 1F1E8-1F1F4.svg
🇨🇵 CP Clipperton Island Twemoji13 1f1e8-1f1f5.svg
🇨🇷 CR Costa Rica Emojione 1F1E8-1F1F7.svg
🇨🇺 CU Cuba Emojione 1F1E8-1F1FA.svg
🇨🇻 CV Cape Verde Emojione 1F1E8-1F1FB.svg
🇨🇼 CW Curaçao Twemoji12 1f1e8-1f1fc.svg
🇨🇽 CX Christmas Island Twemoji12 1f1e8-1f1fd.svg
🇨🇾 CY Cyprus Emojione 1F1E8-1F1FE.svg
🇨🇿 CZ Czechia Emojione 1F1E8-1F1FF.svg
🇩🇪 DE Germany Emojione 1F1E9-1F1EA.svg
🇩🇬 DG Diego Garcia Twemoji2 1f1e9-1f1ec.svg
🇩🇯 DJ Djibouti Emojione 1F1E9-1F1EF.svg
🇩🇰 DK Denmark Emojione 1F1E9-1F1F0.svg
🇩🇲 DM Dominica Emojione 1F1E9-1F1F2.svg
🇩🇴 DO Dominican Republic Emojione 1F1E9-1F1F4.svg
🇩🇿 DZ Algeria Emojione 1F1E9-1F1FF.svg
🇪🇦 EA Ceuta & Melilla Twemoji12 1f1ea-1f1e6.svg
🇪🇨 EC Ecuador Emojione 1F1EA-1F1E8.svg
🇪🇪 EE Estonia Emojione 1F1EA-1F1EA.svg
🇪🇬 EG Egypt Emojione 1F1EA-1F1EC.svg
🇪🇭 EH Western Sahara Emojione 1F1EA-1F1ED.svg
🇪🇷 ER Eritrea Emojione 1F1EA-1F1F7.svg
🇪🇸 ES Spain Emojione 1F1EA-1F1F8.svg
🇪🇹 ET Ethiopia Emojione 1F1EA-1F1F9.svg
🇪🇺 EU European Union Twemoji12 1f1ea-1f1fa.svg
🇫🇮 FI Finland Emojione 1F1EB-1F1EE.svg
🇫🇯 FJ Fiji Emojione 1F1EB-1F1EF.svg
🇫🇰 FK Falkland Islands Emojione 1F1EB-1F1F0.svg
🇫🇲 FM Micronesia Emojione 1F1EB-1F1F2.svg
🇫🇴 FO Faroe Islands Emojione 1F1EB-1F1F4.svg
🇫🇷 FR France Emojione 1F1EB-1F1F7.svg
🇬🇦 GA Gabon Emojione 1F1EC-1F1E6.svg
🇬🇧 GB United Kingdom Emojione 1F1EC-1F1E7.svg
🇬🇩 GD Grenada Emojione 1F1EC-1F1E9.svg
🇬🇪 GE Georgia Emojione 1F1EC-1F1EA.svg
🇬🇫 GF French Guiana Twemoji12 1f1ec-1f1eb.svg
🇬🇬 GG Guernsey Twemoji12 1f1ec-1f1ec.svg
🇬🇭 GH Ghana Emojione 1F1EC-1F1ED.svg
🇬🇮 GI Gibraltar Emojione 1F1EC-1F1EE.svg
🇬🇱 GL Greenland Emojione 1F1EC-1F1F1.svg
🇬🇲 GM Gambia Emojione 1F1EC-1F1F2.svg
🇬🇳 GN Guinea Emojione 1F1EC-1F1F3.svg
🇬🇵 GP Guadeloupe Twemoji12 1f1ec-1f1f5.svg
🇬🇶 GQ Equatorial Guinea Emojione 1F1EC-1F1F6.svg
🇬🇷 GR Greece Emojione 1F1EC-1F1F7.svg
🇬🇸 GS South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands Twemoji12 1f1ec-1f1f8.svg
🇬🇹 GT Guatemala Emojione 1F1EC-1F1F9.svg
🇬🇺 GU Guam Emojione 1F1EC-1F1FA.svg
🇬🇼 GW Guinea-Bissau Emojione 1F1EC-1F1FC.svg
🇬🇾 GY Guyana Emojione 1F1EC-1F1FE.svg
🇭🇰 HK Hong Kong SAR China Emojione 1F1ED-1F1F0.svg
🇭🇲 HM Heard & McDonald Islands Twemoji12 1f1e6-1f1fa.svg
🇭🇳 HN Honduras Emojione 1F1ED-1F1F3.svg
🇭🇷 HR Croatia Emojione 1F1ED-1F1F7.svg
🇭🇹 HT Haiti Emojione 1F1ED-1F1F9.svg
🇭🇺 HU Hungary Emojione 1F1ED-1F1FA.svg
🇮🇨 IC Canary Islands Twemoji12 1f1ee-1f1e8.svg
🇮🇩 ID Indonesia Emojione 1F1EE-1F1E9.svg
🇮🇪 IE Ireland Emojione 1F1EE-1F1EA.svg
🇮🇱 IL Israel Emojione 1F1EE-1F1F1.svg
🇮🇲 IM Isle of Man Twemoji12 1f1ee-1f1f2.svg
🇮🇳 IN India Emojione 1F1EE-1F1F3.svg
🇮🇴 IO British Indian Ocean Territory Twemoji12 1f1e9-1f1ec.svg
🇮🇶 IQ Iraq Emojione 1F1EE-1F1F6.svg
🇮🇷 IR Iran Emojione 1F1EE-1F1F7.svg
🇮🇸 IS Iceland Emojione 1F1EE-1F1F8.svg
🇮🇹 IT Italy Emojione 1F1EE-1F1F9.svg
🇯🇪 JE Jersey Emojione 1F1EF-1F1EA.svg
🇯🇲 JM Jamaica Emojione 1F1EF-1F1F2.svg
🇯🇴 JO Jordan Emojione 1F1EF-1F1F4.svg
🇯🇵 JP Japan Emojione 1F1EF-1F1F5.svg
🇰🇪 KE Kenya Emojione 1F1F0-1F1EA.svg
🇰🇬 KG Kyrgyzstan Emojione 1F1F0-1F1EC.svg
🇰🇭 KH Cambodia Emojione 1F1F0-1F1ED.svg
🇰🇮 KI Kiribati Emojione 1F1F0-1F1EE.svg
🇰🇲 KM Comoros Emojione 1F1F0-1F1F2.svg
🇰🇳 KN St. Kitts & Nevis Emojione 1F1F0-1F1F3.svg
🇰🇵 KP North Korea Emojione 1F1F0-1F1F5.svg
🇰🇷 KR South Korea Emojione 1F1F0-1F1F7.svg
🇰🇼 KW Kuwait Emojione 1F1F0-1F1FC.svg
🇰🇾 KY Cayman Islands Emojione 1F1F0-1F1FE.svg
🇰🇿 KZ Kazakhstan Emojione 1F1F0-1F1FF.svg
🇱🇦 LA Laos Emojione 1F1F1-1F1E6.svg
🇱🇧 LB Lebanon Emojione 1F1F1-1F1E7.svg
🇱🇨 LC St. Lucia Emojione 1F1F1-1F1E8.svg
🇱🇮 LI Liechtenstein Emojione 1F1F1-1F1EE.svg
🇱🇰 LK Sri Lanka Emojione 1F1F1-1F1F0.svg
🇱🇷 LR Liberia Emojione 1F1F1-1F1F7.svg
🇱🇸 LS Lesotho Emojione 1F1F1-1F1F8.svg
🇱🇹 LT Lithuania Emojione 1F1F1-1F1F9.svg
🇱🇺 LU Luxembourg Emojione 1F1F1-1F1FA.svg
🇱🇻 LV Latvia Emojione 1F1F1-1F1FB.svg
🇱🇾 LY Libya Emojione 1F1F1-1F1FE.svg
🇲🇦 MA Morocco Emojione 1F1F2-1F1E6.svg
🇲🇨 MC Monaco Emojione 1F1F2-1F1E8.svg
🇲🇩 MD Moldova Emojione 1F1F2-1F1E9.svg
🇲🇪 ME Montenegro Emojione 1F1F2-1F1EA.svg
🇲🇫 MF St. Martin Twemoji13 1f1e8-1f1f5.svg
🇲🇬 MG Madagascar Emojione 1F1F2-1F1EC.svg
🇲🇭 MH Marshall Islands Emojione 1F1F2-1F1ED.svg
🇲🇰 MK North Macedonia Emojione 1F1F2-1F1F0.svg
🇲🇱 ML Mali Emojione 1F1F2-1F1F1.svg
🇲🇲 MM Myanmar (Burma) Emojione 1F1F2-1F1F2.svg
🇲🇳 MN Mongolia Emojione 1F1F2-1F1F3.svg
🇲🇴 MO Macao SAR China Emojione 1F1F2-1F1F4.svg
🇲🇵 MP Northern Mariana Islands Twemoji12 1f1f2-1f1f5.svg
🇲🇶 MQ Martinique Twemoji12 1f1f2-1f1f6.svg
🇲🇷 MR Mauritania Emojione 1F1F2-1F1F7.svg
🇲🇸 MS Montserrat Emojione 1F1F2-1F1F8.svg
🇲🇹 MT Malta Emojione 1F1F2-1F1F9.svg
🇲🇺 MU Mauritius Emojione 1F1F2-1F1FA.svg
🇲🇻 MV Maldives Emojione 1F1F2-1F1FB.svg
🇲🇼 MW Malawi Emojione 1F1F2-1F1FC.svg
🇲🇽 MX Mexico Emojione 1F1F2-1F1FD.svg
🇲🇾 MY Malaysia Emojione 1F1F2-1F1FE.svg
🇲🇿 MZ Mozambique Emojione 1F1F2-1F1FF.svg
🇳🇦 NA Namibia Emojione 1F1F3-1F1E6.svg
🇳🇨 NC New Caledonia Emojione 1F1F3-1F1E8.svg
🇳🇪 NE Niger Emojione 1F1F3-1F1EA.svg
🇳🇫 NF Norfolk Island Twemoji12 1f1f3-1f1eb.svg
🇳🇬 NG Nigeria Emojione 1F1F3-1F1EC.svg
🇳🇮 NI Nicaragua Emojione 1F1F3-1F1EE.svg
🇳🇱 NL Netherlands Emojione 1F1F3-1F1F1.svg
🇳🇴 NO Norway Emojione 1F1F3-1F1F4.svg
🇳🇵 NP Nepal Emojione 1F1F3-1F1F5.svg
🇳🇷 NR Nauru Emojione 1F1F3-1F1F7.svg
🇳🇺 NU Niue Emojione 1F1F3-1F1FA.svg
🇳🇿 NZ New Zealand Emojione 1F1F3-1F1FF.svg
🇴🇲 OM Oman Emojione 1F1F4-1F1F2.svg
🇵🇦 PA Panama Emojione 1F1F5-1F1E6.svg
🇵🇪 PE Peru Emojione 1F1F5-1F1EA.svg
🇵🇫 PF French Polynesia Emojione 1F1F5-1F1EB.svg
🇵🇬 PG Papua New Guinea Emojione 1F1F5-1F1EC.svg
🇵🇭 PH Philippines Emojione 1F1F5-1F1ED.svg
🇵🇰 PK Pakistan Emojione 1F1F5-1F1F0.svg
🇵🇱 PL Poland Emojione 1F1F5-1F1F1.svg
🇵🇲 PM St. Pierre & Miquelon Twemoji12 1f1f5-1f1f2.svg
🇵🇳 PN Pitcairn Islands Twemoji12 1f1f5-1f1f3.svg
🇵🇷 PR Puerto Rico Emojione 1F1F5-1F1F7.svg
🇵🇸 PS Palestinian Territories Emojione 1F1F5-1F1F8.svg
🇵🇹 PT Portugal Emojione 1F1F5-1F1F9.svg
🇵🇼 PW Palau Emojione 1F1F5-1F1FC.svg
🇵🇾 PY Paraguay Emojione 1F1F5-1F1FE.svg
🇶🇦 QA Qatar Emojione 1F1F6-1F1E6.svg
🇷🇪 RE Réunion Twemoji12 1f1f7-1f1ea.svg
🇷🇴 RO Romania Emojione 1F1F7-1F1F4.svg
🇷🇸 RS Serbia Emojione 1F1F7-1F1F8.svg
🇷🇺 RU Russia Emojione 1F1F7-1F1FA.svg
🇷🇼 RW Rwanda Emojione 1F1F7-1F1FC.svg
🇸🇦 SA Saudi Arabia Emojione 1F1F8-1F1E6.svg
🇸🇧 SB Solomon Islands Emojione 1F1F8-1F1E7.svg
🇸🇨 SC Seychelles Emojione 1F1F8-1F1E8.svg
🇸🇩 SD Sudan Emojione 1F1F8-1F1E9.svg
🇸🇪 SE Sweden Emojione 1F1F8-1F1EA.svg
🇸🇬 SG Singapore Emojione 1F1F8-1F1EC.svg
🇸🇭 SH St. Helena Emojione 1F1F8-1F1ED.svg
🇸🇮 SI Slovenia Twemoji12 1f1f8-1f1ee.svg
🇸🇯 SJ Svalbard & Jan Mayen Twemoji12 1f1f3-1f1f4.svg
🇸🇰 SK Slovakia Emojione 1F1F8-1F1F0.svg
🇸🇱 SL Sierra Leone Emojione 1F1F8-1F1F1.svg
🇸🇲 SM San Marino Emojione 1F1F8-1F1F2.svg
🇸🇳 SN Senegal Emojione 1F1F8-1F1F3.svg
🇸🇴 SO Somalia Emojione 1F1F8-1F1F4.svg
🇸🇷 SR Suriname Emojione 1F1F8-1F1F7.svg
🇸🇸 SS South Sudan Twemoji12 1f1f8-1f1f8.svg
🇸🇹 ST São Tomé & Príncipe Emojione 1F1F8-1F1F9.svg
🇸🇻 SV El Salvador Emojione 1F1F8-1F1FB.svg
🇸🇽 SX Sint Maarten Twemoji12 1f1f8-1f1fd.svg
🇸🇾 SY Syria Emojione 1F1F8-1F1FE.svg
🇸🇿 SZ Eswatini Emojione 1F1F8-1F1FF.svg
🇹🇦 TA Tristan da Cunha Twemoji12 1f1f9-1f1e6.svg
🇹🇨 TC Turks & Caicos Islands Twemoji12 1f1f9-1f1e8.svg
🇹🇩 TD Chad Emojione 1F1F9-1F1E9.svg
🇹🇫 TF French Southern Territories Twemoji12 1f1f9-1f1eb.svg
🇹🇬 TG Togo Emojione 1F1F9-1F1EC.svg
🇹🇭 TH Thailand Emojione 1F1F9-1F1ED.svg
🇹🇯 TJ Tajikistan Emojione 1F1F9-1F1EF.svg
🇹🇰 TK Tokelau Twemoji12 1f1f9-1f1f0.svg
🇹🇱 TL Timor-Leste Emojione 1F1F9-1F1F1.svg
🇹🇲 TM Turkmenistan Emojione 1F1F9-1F1F2.svg
🇹🇳 TN Tunisia Emojione 1F1F9-1F1F3.svg
🇹🇴 TO Tonga Emojione 1F1F9-1F1F4.svg
🇹🇷 TR Turkey Emojione 1F1F9-1F1F7.svg
🇹🇹 TT Trinidad & Tobago Emojione 1F1F9-1F1F9.svg
🇹🇻 TV Tuvalu Emojione 1F1F9-1F1FB.svg
🇹🇼 TW Taiwan Emojione 1F1F9-1F1FC.svg
🇹🇿 TZ Tanzania Emojione 1F1F9-1F1FF.svg
🇺🇦 UA Ukraine Emojione 1F1FA-1F1E6.svg
🇺🇬 UG Uganda Emojione 1F1FA-1F1EC.svg
🇺🇲 UM U.S. Outlying Islands Twemoji12 1f1fa-1f1f2.svg
🇺🇳 UN United Nations Twemoji12 1f1fa-1f1f3.svg
🇺🇸 US United States Emojione 1F1FA-1F1F8.svg
🇺🇾 UY Uruguay Emojione 1F1FA-1F1FE.svg
🇺🇿 UZ Uzbekistan Emojione 1F1FA-1F1FF.svg
🇻🇦 VA Vatican City Emojione 1F1FB-1F1E6.svg
🇻🇨 VC St. Vincent & Grenadines Emojione 1F1FB-1F1E8.svg
🇻🇪 VE Venezuela Emojione 1F1FB-1F1EA.svg
🇻🇬 VG British Virgin Islands Twemoji12 1f1fb-1f1ec.svg
🇻🇮 VI U.S. Virgin Islands Emojione 1F1FB-1F1EE.svg
🇻🇳 VN Vietnam Emojione 1F1FB-1F1F3.svg
🇻🇺 VU Vanuatu Emojione 1F1FB-1F1FA.svg
🇼🇫 WF Wallis & Futuna Emojione 1F1FC-1F1EB.svg
🇼🇸 WS Samoa Emojione 1F1FC-1F1F8.svg
🇽🇰 XK Kosovo Emojione 1F1FD-1F1F0.svg
🇾🇪 YE Yemen Emojione 1F1FE-1F1EA.svg
🇾🇹 YT Mayotte Twemoji12 1f1fe-1f1f9.svg
🇿🇦 ZA South Africa Emojione 1F1FF-1F1E6.svg
🇿🇲 ZM Zambia Emojione 1F1FF-1F1F2.svg
🇿🇼 ZW Zimbabwe Emojione 1F1FF-1F1FC.svg

List of deprecated sequences
deprecated replacement[10][11]
code region flag code region possible rendering
AN Netherlands Antilles 🇨🇼 CW Curaçao Twemoji12 1f1e8-1f1fc.svg
🇸🇽 SX Sint Maarten Twemoji12 1f1f8-1f1fd.svg
🇧🇶 BQ Caribbean Netherlands Twemoji12 1f1e7-1f1f6.svg
BU Burma 🇲🇲 MM Myanmar (Burma) Emojione 1F1F2-1F1F2.svg
CS Serbia and Montenegro 🇷🇸 RS Serbia Emojione 1F1F7-1F1F8.svg
🇲🇪 ME Montenegro Emojione 1F1F2-1F1EA.svg
DD German Democratic Republic 🇩🇪 DE Germany Emojione 1F1E9-1F1EA.svg
FX Metropolitan France 🇫🇷 FR France Emojione 1F1EB-1F1F7.svg
NT Neutral Zone 🇸🇦 SA Saudi Arabia Emojione 1F1F8-1F1E6.svg
🇮🇶 IQ Iraq Emojione 1F1EE-1F1F6.svg
QU European Union 🇪🇺 EU European Union Twemoji12 1f1ea-1f1fa.svg
SU Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 🇷🇺 RU Russia Emojione 1F1F7-1F1FA.svg
🇦🇲 AM Armenia Emojione 1F1E6-1F1F2.svg
🇦🇿 AZ Azerbaijan Emojione 1F1E6-1F1FF.svg
🇧🇾 BY Belarus Emojione 1F1E7-1F1FE.svg
🇪🇪 EE Estonia Emojione 1F1EA-1F1EA.svg
🇬🇪 GE Georgia Emojione 1F1EC-1F1EA.svg
🇰🇿 KZ Kazakhstan Emojione 1F1F0-1F1FF.svg
🇰🇬 KG Kyrgyzstan Emojione 1F1F0-1F1EC.svg
🇱🇻 LV Latvia Emojione 1F1F1-1F1FB.svg
🇱🇹 LT Lithuania Emojione 1F1F1-1F1F9.svg
🇲🇩 MD Moldova Emojione 1F1F2-1F1E9.svg
🇹🇯 TJ Tajikistan Emojione 1F1F9-1F1EF.svg
🇹🇲 TM Turkmenistan Emojione 1F1F9-1F1F2.svg
🇺🇦 UA Ukraine Emojione 1F1FA-1F1E6.svg
🇺🇿 UZ Uzbekistan Emojione 1F1FA-1F1FF.svg
TP East Timor 🇹🇱 TL Timor-Leste Emojione 1F1F9-1F1F1.svg
YD Democratic Yemen 🇾🇪 YE Yemen Emojione 1F1FE-1F1EA.svg
YU Yugoslavia 🇷🇸 RS Serbia Emojione 1F1F7-1F1F8.svg
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A separate mechanism (emoji tag sequences) is used for regional flags, such as England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, Texas 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁴󠁸󠁿 or California 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁣󠁡󠁿[12] It uses U+1F3F4 🏴 WAVING BLACK FLAG and formatting tag characters instead of regional indicator symbols. It is based on ISO 3166-2 regions with hyphen removed and lowercase, e.g. GB-ENG → gbeng, terminating with U+E007F CANCEL TAG. Flag of England is therefore represented by a sequence U+1F3F4, U+E0067, U+E0062, U+E0065, U+E006E, U+E0067, U+E007F. In the tenth revision the Unicode consortium was considering U+1F3F3 🏳 WAVING WHITE FLAG instead,[13] but from eleventh onwards it is black.[14] Some vendors choose to include custom zero-width joiner sequences that only show up on their platform, such as WhatsApp and their Refugee Nation Flag 🏳️‍🟧‍⬛️‍🟧.[15]

Unicode block[edit]

Regional indicator symbols subset of Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement[1]
Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
... (U+1F100–U+1F1E5 omitted)
U+1F1Ex   🇦     🇧     🇨     🇩     🇪     🇫     🇬     🇭     🇮     🇯  
U+1F1Fx   🇰     🇱     🇲     🇳     🇴     🇵     🇶     🇷     🇸     🇹     🇺     🇻     🇼     🇽     🇾     🇿  
1.^ As of Unicode version 15.0


In 2007 a draft proposal was presented to the Unicode Technical Committee to encode emoji symbols, specifically those in widespread use on mobile phones by Japanese telecommunications companies DoCoMo, KDDI, and SoftBank.[16] The proposed symbols included ten national flags:[17] China (🇨🇳), Germany (🇩🇪), Spain (🇪🇸), France (🇫🇷), the UK (🇬🇧), Italy (🇮🇹), Japan (🇯🇵), South Korea (🇰🇷), Russia (🇷🇺), and the United States (🇺🇸). Encoding these flags but not other countries' flags was considered, by some, as prejudicial.[18] One rejected solution was to encode the ten flags but call them "EMOJI COMPATIBILITY SYMBOL-n" and represent them visually in the Standard as "EC n" instead of showing the flags they represent.[19] Another rejected solution would have allocated 676 codepoints (26×26) for each possible two letter combination of A–Z. They would represent political entities based on ISO 3166 such as "FR" for France or Internet ccTLDs (country code top-level domains) such as "EU" for the European Union.[20]

The accepted solution was to add 26 characters for letters used for the representation of regional indicators, which used in pairs would represent the ten national flags and possible future extensions.[2] Per the Unicode Standard "the main purpose of such [regional indicator symbol] pairs is to provide unambiguous roundtrip mappings to certain characters used in the emoji core sets"[21] specifically the ten national flags:[22] 🇨🇳, 🇩🇪, 🇪🇸, 🇫🇷, 🇬🇧, 🇮🇹, 🇯🇵, 🇰🇷, 🇷🇺, and 🇺🇸.

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