Regionalist League

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Regionalist League
Lliga Regionalista
Leader Francesc Cambó
Founded 1901 (1901)
Dissolved 1936
Headquarters Barcelona
Newspaper La Veu de Catalunya
Ideology Catalanism
Christian democracy

Regionalist League (Catalan: Lliga Regionalista, IPA: [ˈʎiɣə rəʒiunəˈɫistə]; 1901–1936) was a right wing political party of Catalonia, Spain. It had a Catalanist, conservative, and monarchic ideology. Notable members of the party were Enric Prat de la Riba, Francesc Cambó, Agustí Riera i Pau, Juan Ventosa and Ramon d'Abadal i Calderó.

The League's press organ was the La Veu de Catalunya newspaper (1899–1936).


The Regionalist League began with the merger of two political groups, the Unió Regionalista and the Centre Nacional Català, thanks to the triumph of the "four presidents" candidacy in 1901. This candidacy was formed by Sebastià Torres, Albert Rusiñol, Bartomeu Robert and Lluís Domènech i Montaner.[1]

After the Republic was established in 1931, the Lliga accepted the new government, supported the first Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia and changed its name to Lliga Catalana (Catalan League).

Although the Lliga did not support the rebellion of general Francisco Franco in Morocco in 1936, many of its activists collaborated with Franco's cause.[2]

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