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Not to be confused with Regions of the African Union.

The continent of Africa can be conceptually subdivided into a number of regions or subregions.

Directional approach[edit]

One common approach categorises Africa directionally, e.g., by cardinal direction (compass direction):

Physiographic approach[edit]

Satellite image of Africa, showing the ecological break that defines the sub-Saharan area

Another common approach divides Africa by using features such as landforms, climatic regions, or vegetation types:

Linguistic approach[edit]

Map showing the traditional language families represented in Africa:
  Afroasiatic (Semitic-Hamitic)
  Austronesian (Malay-Polynesian)
  Central and Eastern Sudanese
  Central Bantoid
  Eastern Bantoid
  Western Bantoid
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By official language[edit]

Official languages - in many African countries there are several official languages

By indigenous language family[edit]

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