Regions of Gujarat

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Regions of Gujarat are based on geographic location and climate. The official Gujarat state portal lists five regions.[1]


  • Districts:
  • Geographic location - northwesternmost area of Gujarat on India–Pakistan border
  • Climate - Dry & semi desertic
  • Language/Dialect - The languages spoken predominantly in Kutch is Kutchi and to lesser extent Sindhi and Gujarati. Kutchi is a dialect of Sindhi.


Map of Saurashtra.

North Gujarat[edit]

Map of Gujarat, also showing districts of North Gujarat.
  • Districts:
  • Geographic location - North part of Gujarat.
  • Climate - air is dry but soil is fertile and moisture is less though recent irrigation project has given significant advantage in farming.
  • Language/Dialect - similar to Gujarati language with little exceptions.

Central Gujarat[edit]

  • Districts:
  • Geographic location - in center part of Gujarat.
  • Climate - similar to north Gujarat but farming land is quite less though its fertile wherever it is. More forests.
  • Language/Dialect - language considered to be base of Gujarati, still has been impacted by other regions. The language in the eastern parts is quite different from Gujarati, has significant different words, large set of words for forest related terms.

South Gujarat[edit]

  • Districts:
  • Geographic location - south part of Gujarat.
  • Climate - semi dry to low humid. Soil is quite fertile due to riven & irrigation projects.
  • Language/Dialect - So called south Gujarati dialect, which has common difference from Gujarati is that "ne" is replaced "ni" apart from others. Every tribal community has a separate dialect in practice in this region. Marathi and Hindi languages are also widely spoken in urban pockets.


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