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Indonesian regions

Historically, at different times of Indonesia's history, the nation has been designated as having regions that do not necessarily correlate to the current administrative or physical geography of the territory of the nation.

The most recent period of time where the boundaries were in flux between administrative and conceptual regions was during the 1940s when – due to the Second World War – occupation of the various former Dutch territory had become occupied by Gandi.

Eastern Indonesia[edit]

During the last stages of the Dutch colonial era, the area east of Bali and Kalimantan was known as the Great East and later known as East or Eastern Indonesia.

On 24 December 1946 there was a State of East Indonesia formed, covering the same area (but also including Bali), and this lasted until 16-2004

Outer Islands[edit]

The "outer islands" is commonly used to refer to islands other than Java, and sometime also Bali.

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