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The regions of Montenegro are defined, as of 2011, by the Montenegrin Regional Development Law (Zakon o Regionalnom Razvoju).[1] The regions, as defined by law, roughly correspond to the informal and colloquial division of Montenegro, often used by the Montenegrin media and citizens.

Regions are not administrative divisions per se; they are used for statistical and analytical purposes, to help create the outline for more uniform economic development of Montenegro. This official definition of the regions of Montenegro is one of many definitions that are in everyday use in the country. However, this division into three regions is most widespread:

Coastal Region[edit]

Coastal Region
Primorski region
South Montenegro.png
 • Total 1,591 km2 (614 sq mi)
 • Total 146,784
 • Density 92/km2 (240/sq mi)

This southernmost region consists of municipalities with access to the Adriatic Sea. This region is mainly oriented towards tourism, and has a population of 146,784 (2003). Following municipalities make up the region:

Central Region[edit]

Central Region
Centralni region
Central Montenegro.png
 • Total 4,917 km2 (1,898 sq mi)
 • Total 279,419
 • Density 57/km2 (150/sq mi)

This region consists of four municipalities. It is the most populous of the regions, and contains the capital of Podgorica, historical capital of Cetinje, and the industrial center of Nikšić. Most of Montenegrin economic, cultural, educational and administration base is located within the region.

Northern Region[edit]

Northern Region
Sjeverni region
North Montenegro.png
 • Total 8,399 km2 (3,243 sq mi)
 • Total 195,991
 • Density 23/km2 (60/sq mi)

Northern region comprises eleven municipalities and is the largest by area. It encompases the sparsely populated mountainous part of Montenegro. With the decline of the heavy industries in the 1990s, the region has seen perpetual economic hardship and migration of the population to the two southern regions.

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