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A registrar is an official keeper of records made in a register. The term may refer to:


Government records[edit]



  • Specialist registrar, a medical doctor in the United Kingdom receiving advanced training in a specialist field
  • Senior registrar, type of medical or dental practitioner in the UK, Ireland, and Australia
  • Specialty registrar, new training grade intended to replace specialist registrar

Technology and telecommunication[edit]

  • Registrar (software), software used in the personnel or human resources (HR) area of businesses
  • Domain name registrar, a company authorized to register Internet domain names
    • Drop registrar, a domain name registrar who registers expiring Internet domain names
  • Pool Registrar, a component of the reliable server pooling in software design
  • SIP registrar, a Session Initiation Protocol endpoint that accepts REGISTER requests

Other uses[edit]

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