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Regulus may also mean:

In Latin: regulus means:

  1. little king
  2. basilisk
  3. kinglet

In astronomy:

In mathematics:

  • Regulus is the locus of lines meeting three given skew lines.




  • Regulus, the metallic form of antimony
  • Regulus, the end-product of metallic ore smelting
  • Regulus, an alchemical symbol (variously 🜲, 🜳, 🜴, or 🜵) for the regulus-producing process

In fiction:

  • Regulus, a story named for the consul, in Rudyard Kipling's Stalky & Co. collection
  • Regulus is the name of a Nemean Lion that is currently employed under Sairaorg Bael's peerage in the light novel series Highschool DxD.
  • Regulus, one of the main characters in the Bomberman 64 and The Second Attack video games
  • Regulus, the first chapter in the Weapon Master mode of the Soulcalibur II computer game
  • Regulus, the central city of Mechanus, and the seat of the One and the Prime, in the Planescape Dungeons and Dragons cosmology
  • Regulus Black, a fictional character from the Harry Potter series of novels by J. K. Rowling
  • Demon Regulus, a fallen Angel
  • Leo Regulus, the Leo Gold Saint from the manga Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
  • Regulus, a black cat that sits atop the register of the "L'arrière-boutique" in Sartre's Les Jeux Sont Faits

In computing: