Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust

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Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust
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RAPt (the Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust) is a British charity which helps people with drug and alcohol dependence move towards, achieve and maintain drug and crime-free lives.

RAPt delivers services both in the criminal justice system and in community settings. Approximately 20,000 people every year use a RAPt service, although their families and communities also benefit - meaning that the positive impact of RAPt's work resonates far wider.

Crucial to the RAPt ethos is that every single person is capable of transformational change, no matter how entrenched their addiction, or how prolific their offending behaviour may be.

RAPt is the only provider of drug treatment programmes within HM Prison Service that has verifiable evidence of effectiveness. To read RAPt's most recent research reports please follow the link: RAPt/ PNC Research


RAPt was established in 1991 as the Addicted Diseases Trust when Peter Bond, a recovering alcoholic, observed the success of abstinence-based programmes in the United States. He, Jonathan Wallace and Michael Meakin, set up a charity to meet the needs of drug addicts in UK prisons.

In 1992 RAPt opened the first intensive drug rehabilitation programme in a UK prison in a Portakabin at HMP Downview in Surrey. The actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, an early supporter, provided much-needed funds and remains a patron.

Several of the people who lent their expertise and help when RAPt was first being founded over 23 years ago, remain involved today in various capacities - including as supporters and trustees.

Vision, Mission, Core Beliefs[edit]

Vision: All who are addicted to or misusing substances should have access to support which is effective in breaking their addiction or misuse. People should be given help and support to address their needs, so that they can transform their lives permanently, including turning away from crime.

Mission: RAPt will help people to recover from substance misuse and addiction, to build and sustain positive, fulfilling lives. Through this, we will bring about a reduction in crime and destructive behaviour, and support healthier families and communities.

Core Beliefs: RAPt believes that anyone who needs help should and can be helped, whether they are chronic drug or alcohol users; have committed crime; are in prison, or have returned to destructive and addictive behaviour after previous intervention.


  • Dame Judi Dench
  • Roger Graef
  • The Rt Hon. The Lord Woolf of Barnes
  • Lady Puttnam
  • The Hon. Emma Soames
  • Sir Anthony Hopkins CBE
  • Tony Adams MBE
  • Russell Brand


  • The Hon. David Bernstein (Chair)
  • Lady Gibbings
  • Ben Houghton
  • The Hon. Isabelle Laurent
  • John Mason
  • Benita Refson OBE
  • Rev John Wates JP
  • Dr Michael Wilkes


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