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Rehman may refer to:

Another spelling of Rahman (name), an Arabic male name, also used as surname, derived from Islamic term, Rahman, meaning merciful in Arabic.

Given name[edit]

  • Rahman (actor) (born 1968), Indian film actor who has acted in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu films
  • Rehman (actor) (1923–1979), Hindi film actor
  • Rehman Chishti (born 1978), British Conservative politician who was elected MP for Gillingham and Rainham in the 2010 general election
  • Rehman Dakait (Urdu: رحمان ڈکیت), gangster based in Karachi's Lyari neighbourhood who formed the Peoples' Aman Committee
  • Rehman Rahi (born 1925), Kashmiri poet, translator and critic
  • Rehman Sobhan, Bangladeshi economist and public intellectual



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