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Pronunciation similar to the English word "ray"
Gender Unisex
Word/name Hebrew and Japanese
Meaning Japanese: Different depending on the kanji used
Hebrew: my shepherd; my companion; my friend
Region of origin Israel Japan

Rei is both a Japanese given name and a Hebrew given name.

  • In Japanese, Rei can have different meanings depending on the kanji used
  • In Hebrew, the name Rei (רעי Re`iY) originates in biblical texts which mean "my shepherd; my companion; my friend".
  • In Hebrew, the word 'Rei' can be used for (or by) either gender, while in Japanese, Rei is generally only a given name for females. Rei can also be used as a surname.

Possible writings in Japanese[edit]

  • 麗, "lovely, elegance, beautiful"
  • 霊, "spirit, ghost"
  • 例, "example"
  • 零, "zero"
  • 玲, "exquisite, clever, sound of jewels"
  • 令, "rule, order"
  • 礼, "etiquette, bow, gratitude"
  • 怜, "wise"
  • 鈴, "small bell"
  • 嶺, "peak, summit"
  • 黎, "black, dark, many"
  • 澪, "water route, shipping canal"
  • 励, "encourage"
  • 伶, "actor"
  • 苓, "Rei"
  • 禮, "honor"
  • 齢, "age"
  • 冷, "cold"
  • 蛎, "kaki" (Type of persimmon fruit)
  • 砺, "tomorrow"
  • 戻, "return"
  • 蠣, "a cake"
  • レイ, Rei written in katakana
  • れい, Rei written in hiragana


  • Rei (רעי), one of those who retained their allegiance to King David when Adonijah rebelled: 1 Kings 1:8
  • Rei Berroa (born 1949), Dominican-American poet, university professor, literary and cultural critic, and translator
  • Rei Hiroe (広江 礼威, born 1972), Japanese manga artist
  • Rei Igarashi (大濱 貴子, born 1963), Japanese actress and voice actress
  • Rei Kawakubo (川久保 玲, born 1942), Japanese fashion designer, founder of Comme des Garçons
  • Rei Kikukawa (菊川 怜, born 1978), Japanese actress, model and television presenter
  • Rei Mikamoto (三家本 礼), Japanese horror manga artist
  • Rei Okamoto (岡本玲, born 1991), Japanese model and actress
  • Rei Omishi (臣士れい), Japanese screenwriter and manga author/artist
  • Reihaneh "Rei" Safavi-Naini (ريحانه صفوی نائينی), Iranian-born computer science professor
  • Rei Sakuma (佐久間 レイ, born 1965), Japanese voice actor
  • Pelé (born 1940), ("The King" (O Rei)), Brazilian association football player
  • Eusébio (1942–2014), ("The King" (O Rei)), former Portuguese association football player
  • José Fontana (footballer) (Rei, 1912–1986), Brazilian association football player
  • Rei (wrestler), Hong Kong professional wrestler
  • Rei Hasegawa (長谷川 霊, born 1993), Italian painter and illustrator.

Fictional characters[edit]


  • Rei, Iran, an ancient Zoroastrian city, now a suburb of Tehran