Reich Star

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Reich Star
Cover of the Reich Star rulebook.
Designer(s) Simon Bell, Ken Richardson
Publisher(s) Creative Encounters
Publication date 1991
Genre(s) Alternate history
System(s) Custom

Reich Star (also known as Reichstar) is a role-playing game set in 2134, published by Creative Encounters in 1991. The game is written and designed by Ken Richardson and edited by Simon Bell.[1]

The RPG had been rumored to be re-released in 2002 with additional works by Ken Richardson and further development of the Italian material.[citation needed] A Japanese source book titled The Empire of Nippon, written by Benjamin Nicholls, was also commissioned by Creative Encounters however although PDF copies have appeared on the internet, it did not enter print.[citation needed] The Empire of Nippon source book brought much of the Nipponese sphere of influence to life with a much more expanded and detailed history of the world up to 2134. Material also includes the vast political makeup of the Empire and the semi-free nations that make up the Asia-Pacific Alliance.


In an alternate universe, history took a terrifying turn for the worse during World War II, with the Axis Powers conquering the globe. Nearly 200 years later the '"Third Reich" and the "Empire of Nippon" have spread their reach to off-world colonies far beyond our Solar System, enslaving the technologically inferior alien species they have so far encountered, and maneuvering their might against each other in an ever threatening Cold War. In the midst of this darkness many resistance groups have emerged to fight against the Nazi tyranny. The player characters belong to one of these groups, and fight to overthrow the Third Reich and restore freedom and democracy to Erde and her colonies.


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