Reid Bay

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Reid Bay
Location Western Davis Strait
Coordinates 66°56′N 61°46′W / 66.93°N 61.77°W / 66.93; -61.77 (Reid Bay)Coordinates: 66°56′N 61°46′W / 66.93°N 61.77°W / 66.93; -61.77 (Reid Bay)
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 5 km2 (1.9 sq mi)
Settlements Uninhabited

Reid Bay is an Arctic waterway in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is located in Davis Strait off Baffin Island's Cumberland Sound.


The habitat is characterized by open sea, inlets, coastal marine features, coastal cliffs, rocky marine shores, scree, and boulders. Its coastal elevation rises up to 800 m (2,600 ft) above sea level.


The uninhabited bay area is a Canadian Important Bird Area (#NU072), and International Biological Program site (Region 9, Site 7-9). Notable bird species include: black-legged kittiwake, colonial water birds/seabirds, glaucous gull, Iceland gull, northern fulmar, and thick-billed murre.[1]

The former Reid Bay Key Migratory Bird Terrestrial Habitat site has been renamed Akpait (NU Site 28) (66°56′N 061°46′W / 66.933°N 61.767°W / 66.933; -61.767 (Akpait - NU Site 28 (Reid Bay))), coinciding with its location at Akapit Fiord.[2]


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