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The Reid Ministry was the fourth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 18 August 1904 to 5 July 1905. It is sometimes referred to as the Reid-McLean Ministry.[1]

Free Trade Party

Portfolio Minister
Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs Rt Hon George Reid, KC MP
Treasurer Rt Hon Sir George Turner, KCMG
Attorney-General Senator Hon Sir Josiah Symon, KCMG KC
Minister for Home Affairs Hon Dugald Thomson, MP
Minister for Trade and Customs Hon Allan McLean, MP
Minister for Defence Hon James McCay, MP
Postmaster-General Hon Sydney Smith, MP
Vice-President of the Executive Council Senator Hon James Drake

McLean, Turner, McCay and Drake were conservative Protectionist Party members. Their acceptance of office in Reid's ministry, although it had Alfred Deakin's tacit approval, effectively ended their connection with the Deakinite organisation.


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