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Directed by Wolfgang Petersen
Starring Klaus Schwarzkopf
Nastassja Kinski
Christian Quadflieg
Judy Winter

Reifezeugnis is a 1977 German television film directed by Wolfgang Petersen and part of the Tatort television series. The film starred Nastassja Kinski in her first major role in a feature-length film, it was her breakthrough role which made her famous in Germany. It was also an important movie for Wolfgang Petersen's career as a director.

Nastassaja Kinski plays Sina, a good-looking 17-year old schoolgirl, who has a secret affair with her married schoolteacher Helmut Fichte. One of Sina's suitors, Michael, learns about her affair and tries to rape her – Sina kills him with a stone and tells a clever fabrication to the police. Still, Kommissar Finke doesn't trust her story and continues to investigate until the truth is revealed. At the end, he has to stop Sina from killing herself with a gun. Reifezeugnis is considered to be one of the most legendary films of the Tatort series,[1] also because the depicted affair between Sina and her teacher was a major scandal during that time.[2]

The movie was released theatrically in the United States under the title For Your Love Only in 1982.[3]



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