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Fernando Madina, frontman of the band, performing on-stage in Santiago de Chile, March, 2011
Background information
Origin Sevilla, Spain
Genres Rock, Punk rock
Years active 1987–present
Labels Locomotive Music, BMG, Discos Suicidas
Members Manuel J. Pizarro Fernández
Fernando Madina Pepper
Juan M. Rodríguez Barea
Finito de Badajoz
Past members José Luis Nieto "Selu"

Reincidentes is a Spanish rock/punk rock band. They started playing in the 1980s as Incidente Local, formed by Manuel Pizarro on drums, Juan Barea on bass, and Fernando Medina on guitar and vocals. They performed their first live concert in 1987 at University of Seville. After became finalists at a local rock contest and joined sax player José Luis Nieto, they recorded their debut album in 1989 released by Discos Trilita. After signing up to Discos Suicidas label and participating in Seville Expo '92, they started touring Central America. Later, Selu left the band and Finito de Badajoz became the new guitarist. In 1997, the band signed up to BMG and shortly thereafter their live album Algazara achieved their first gold record in 1998.



  • Reincidentes. Discos Trilita, 1989, reedited by Discos Suicidas.
  • Ni un paso atrás. Discos Suicidas, 1991.
  • ¿Dónde está Judas? Discos Suicidas, 1992.
  • Sol y Rabia. Discos Suicidas, 1993.
  • Nunca es tarde... si la dicha es buena. Discos Suicidas, 1994.
  • Materia Reservada. Discos Suicidas, 1997.
  • ¡Te lo dije!. BMG Ariola/RCA, 1997.
  • Los Auténticos. Discos Suicidas, 1998.
  • Algazara, BMG Ariola/RCA, 1998.
  • ¿Y ahora qué? BMG Ariola/RCA, 2000.
  • La otra orilla. La otra orilla, 2001.
  • Cosas de este mundo. Locomotive Music, 2002.
  • Acústico. Locomotive Music, 2004.
  • El comercio del dolor. Locomotive Music, 2005.
  • Dementes. Locomotive Music, 2006.
  • América: Canciones de ida y vuelta, Realidad Musical, 2008.
  • Tiempos de ira, Maldito Records, 2011.
  • Aniversario, 2013.
  • Awkan Haciendo hablar Al Silencio, 2015.

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