Reiner (crater)

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Reiner crater 4157 h1 4157 h2.jpg
Coordinates 7°00′N 54°54′W / 7.0°N 54.9°W / 7.0; -54.9Coordinates: 7°00′N 54°54′W / 7.0°N 54.9°W / 7.0; -54.9
Diameter 30 km
Depth 2.6 km
Colongitude 55° at sunrise
Eponym Vincentio Reinieri
Oblique view of Reiner at the terminator facing west, from Apollo 12.
Clementine image

Reiner is a lunar impact crater on the Oceanus Procellarum, in the western part of the Moon. It has a nearly circular rim, but appears oval in shape due to foreshortening. The rim edge is well-defined and has not been eroded by impacts. In the midpoint of the irregular crater floor is a central peak. Outside the rim is a hummocky rampart that extends out across the mare for about half a crater diameter.

To the west-northwest of the crater on the Oceanus Procellarum is the unusual feature Reiner Gamma, a fish-shaped surface marking of ray-like material with a high albedo.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Reiner.

Reiner Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 5.2° N 51.4° W 10 km
C 3.5° N 51.5° W 7 km
E 1.9° N 49.6° W 4 km
G 3.3° N 54.3° W 3 km
H 9.1° N 54.7° W 8 km
K 8.1° N 53.9° W 3 km
L 8.0° N 54.6° W 6 km
M 8.6° N 56.1° W 3 km
N 5.4° N 57.5° W 4 km
Q 1.4° N 50.9° W 3 km
R 3.7° N 55.5° W 45 km
S 2.2° N 50.7° W 4 km
T 3.7° N 52.2° W 2 km
U 4.1° N 52.5° W 3 km