Reinhard Maack

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Reinhard Maack

Reinhard Maack (2 October 1892 in Herford – 26 August 1969 in Curitiba) was a 20th-century German explorer, geologist and geographer. While he was working as a surveyor and the headmaster of Windhoek school in central Namibia, (South West Africa), he discovered 'The White Lady' rock painting in 1918. Maack was at the time convinced that the art had distinct European style and this view was up-held by various prominent archaeologists of the day.

'The White Lady' has been controversially dated from 6000 to 20,000 years old. Discovered in Namibia, southern Africa, and supposedly of European (or as was more specifically speculated, Mediterranean origin). The controversial date meant that the whole theory of the "cradle of civilization" being in east or central Africa was thrown into chaos.

White Lady rock painting, Brandberg, Namibia, discovered by Maack in 1918.

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