Reinhardstein Castle

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Reinhardstein Castle
Waimes, Belgium
Reinhardstein Castle, Belgium.JPG
Coordinates 50°27′07″N 6°06′07″E / 50.452°N 6.102°E / 50.452; 6.102Coordinates: 50°27′07″N 6°06′07″E / 50.452°N 6.102°E / 50.452; 6.102
Type Castle

Reinhardstein Castle (French: Château de Reinhardstein, German: Burg Reinhardstein) is a castle in Belgium, in the valley of the Warche, in the village of Ovifat in the municipality of Waimes (Weismes) near Robertville in the province of Liège.

It was built in 1354 for Wenceslaus of Luxembourg, while still Count, by his vassal Reinhard of Weismes. In the 19th century it was nearly destroyed by quarrying, and since 1969 has been reconstructed.

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