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Word/nameregin (very) + hold (loyal)
MeaningSolemnly Faithful
Region of originNorthern Europe

Reinhold is a German male given name. This German name is originally from "Reinold", composed of two elements. The first is from ragin, meaning "the (Germanic) Gods" and wald meaning "powerful".

This name was popularised by the ancient German hero figure known as Reinhold von Montalban (The Four Sons of Aymon), Reinhold von Meilan (The Dietrich Saga), and ultimately, as Saint Reinhold von Köln.

The -h- is recorded in the Dietrich von Bern legendary figure De gude Reinholt van Meilan who was the only one spared the slaughter at Erminrich's castle due to his loyalty to Dietrich. Hence with the addition of the -h- the etymology is interpreted as the emphatic prefix regn- with hold, apparently meaning "solemnly loyal".[1]

This name was brought to the British Isles by Viking conquerors, in the form of the Old Norse Rögnvaldr. In the 11th century, the Normans further established this name as Reinald and Reynaud.[2] There are other spelling variations of this name, but all have the same etymological Germanic origin.

Cognate to English Reynold, Ronald, French Renault, Italian Rinaldo, Scandinavian Ragnvald, and Spanish Reynaldo.

Notable people with the surname include:

People with the given name include:


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