Reinventing Comics

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Reinventing Comics
Reinventing Comics (Scott McCloud book) cover art.jpg
Author Scott McCloud
Pages 250
ISBN 0-06-095350-0
OCLC 44654496
Preceded by Understanding Comics
Followed by Making Comics

Reinventing Comics: How Imagination and Technology Are Revolutionizing an Art Form (2000) is a book written by comic book writer and artist Scott McCloud. It was a thematic sequel to his critically acclaimed Understanding Comics, and was followed by Making Comics.[1]


Reinventing Comics (RC) explains twelve "revolutions" which McCloud predicts are necessary for the comic book to survive as a medium, focusing especially on online comics. The book caused considerable controversy in the comics industry, McCloud famously noting that it had been described as "dangerous".[2]

As promised in the book, McCloud has offered annotations, addenda and his further-developing thoughts about the future of comics on his web site. In particular, he considers his web comic I Can't Stop Thinking to be a continuation of RC, though he has continued to write about the future of comics in many different forms, as he acknowledges RC is "a product of its time".[3]

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