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See Ray, Iran for the city of Ray, south of Tehran.

Reishahr (ری شهر) was a city in Fars province in ancient Sassanid Persia.

Located in the Arjan (ارجان) region, the city was also called Riu-Ardashir (ریو اردشیر).

The city is mentioned by many a historian, such as Farhang-i Anandraj, Hamdollah Mostowfi's Nuzhat al-Qulub, Majmal al-tawarikh, and Ibn Balkhi's Farsnameh.

In particular, some historians such as Yaqut al-Hamawi's Mu'jam Al-Buldan write of the city being centered on a pre-Islamic academic center of higher learning where scholars converged to study medicine as well as Indian and Greek sciences.[1]

Dehkhoda dictionary mentions that the city was eventually deserted and its inhabitants moved to Bushehr.


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