Reiter Alpe

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Reiter Alpe
Reiter Alm von Osten.jpg
Reiteralm seen from the east
Highest point
Peak Stadelhorn
Elevation 2,286 m (7,500 ft)
Coordinates 47°37′N 12°48′E / 47.617°N 12.800°E / 47.617; 12.800Coordinates: 47°37′N 12°48′E / 47.617°N 12.800°E / 47.617; 12.800
Reiter Alpe is located in Alps
Reiter Alpe
Reiter Alpe
Location of the Reiter Alpe
Countries Germany and Austria
States Bavaria and Salzburg
Parent range Berchtesgaden Alps

The Reiter Alpe (also Reiter Alm or Reither Steinberge) is a mountain range of the Berchtesgaden Alps,[1] named after the village Reit. it is located on the German–Austrian border in Bavaria, Germany, and Salzburg, Austria.[2]


Major peaks include:


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