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The Relate Institute is a department of Doncaster College, based at the High Melton campus, providing courses in relationship studies at various levels.[1] It is a collaborative project between Relate, Doncaster College, and the University of Hull.[2] The Relate Institute opened in September 2006, and is classified as a "centre of excellence" for the study of relationships.[3]

The Higher Education Programmes are validated by the University of Hull.[2]

The range of programmes offered by the Relate Institute enable the students to begin at entry-level, or to expand their knowledge of working with couples, families, and individuals with relationship issues or sexual problems.[2]

In February 2007, the Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, Secretary of State for Education and Skills, delivered the inaugural lecture of the Relate Institute.[4] Since then, the lecture has been delivered by the Rt Hon David Cameron MP,[5] the Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP,[6] and Professor Cary Cooper of Lancaster University.[7]


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