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Related cast.jpg
The Sorelli sisters
L-R: Marjee, Ginnie, Rose, Ann
Created byLiz Tuccillo
StarringJennifer Esposito
Kiele Sanchez
Lizzy Caplan
Laura Breckenridge
Callum Blue
Composer(s)Blake Neely
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes18 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Steve Pearlman
Marta Kauffman
Andrew Plotkin
Lee Ross
Producer(s)Robert Lloyd Lewis
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)Class IV Productions
Warner Bros. Television
Original networkThe WB
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original releaseOctober 5, 2005 (2005-10-05) –
March 20, 2006 (2006-03-20)

Related is an American comedy-drama series that aired on The WB network from October 5, 2005 to March 20, 2006, during the 2005–2006 television season. It revolved around the lives of four close-knit sisters of Italian descent, raised in Brooklyn and living in New York City.

The show was created by former Sex and the City writer Liz Tuccillo, and executive produced by Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman. Despite heavy promotion, initial ratings did not warrant the show being picked up for a second season when The WB network was folded into The CW.

The untitled Related theme song is sung by The Veronicas, whose music was regularly featured in episodes.


Main characters[edit]

  • Ginnie (Jennifer Esposito) – Ginnie, the oldest of the Sorelli sisters, is an ambitious 30-year-old corporate attorney and the one Sorelli sister who is married. In the premiere episode, Ginnie learned that she was pregnant. Subsequently, she lost the baby.
  • Bob Spencer (Callum Blue) – Bob is Ginnie's husband. He is British and works as a software engineer in the music industry. He recently worked on Jack Johnson's tour.
  • Ann (Kiele Sanchez) – Ann, 26, the second-oldest sister, is a therapist who specializes in counseling transvestites.
  • Marjee (Lizzy Caplan) – Marjee is 23. At the beginning of the series, she was working as a party planner and dating her boss's boyfriend, Jason. Later, Marjee quit her job and started a business with Jason.
  • Rose (Laura Breckenridge), the youngest of the Sorelli sisters, is a 19-year-old college student attending NYU. Originally she was a pre-med major, but later changed her major to drama, despite her father's wishes.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Joe Sorelli (Tom Irwin) – Joe Sorelli, the father of the Sorelli sisters, is a widower who owns and lives above a deli (Sorelli's Deli) in Brooklyn.
  • Renée (Christine Ebersole) – Renée is Joe Sorelli's new wife.
  • Danny (Dan Futterman) – Danny is Ann's ex-boyfriend and the owner of a restaurant called Sabroso. Ann had been going with Danny for six years when he moved out of their apartment and dumped her. Ann suspected Danny of having an affair with Megan. Later, Danny got back together with Ann, but then broke up with her once again after learning that she had had an abortion shortly after they started seeing each other, but kept it from him for six years.
  • Marco (Victor Webster) – Marco grew up with Ann and works at Sorelli’s Deli where he makes sausage. Ann slept with him after breaking up with Danny.
  • Zach (Andrew Keegan) – Zach is a college student who lives in the same dorm as Rose at NYU. Ann slept with him after breaking up with Danny.
  • Trish Houghton (Anne Elizabeth Ramsay) – Trish was Marjee's boss and was dating Jason Greenstein until he began dating Marjee. Trish is obsessed with her dog and hates both Marjee and Jason for what they've done to her.
  • Jason Greenstein (Julian Ovenden) – Jason worked for Trish and dated her, while also seeing Marjee. He later left Trish and started a business with Marjee.
  • Joel (Kyle Howard) – Joel is a student at NYU and has been Rose's best friend for a long time. He's also in love with her. He dates a woman named Chloe, but Chloe dumps him because she knows that he and Rose have feelings for each other.
  • Alex Brody (Chris Carmack) – Alex is Rose's new boyfriend. He's a classmate of Rose's in experimental theater and directed a play in which he and Rose starred. But Alex dumped Rose at Joe's wedding so he could go to Hollywood to become an actor.

Other characters[edit]

  • Bob's mother (Judith Ivey) – Bob's mom has a knack for hurting Ginnie's feelings although much of it may be unintentional. Bob's parents live in England. They visit Bob and Ginnie for Christmas, 2005.
  • Bob's father, Robert Spencer (Roger Rees) – Bob's dad apparently likes to drink.
  • Kylie Stewart (Jamie Ray Newman) – Kylie is a singer who is Bob's ex-girlfriend and for whom Bob produces an album.
  • Flash (Shanola Hampton) – Flash (real name: Tiffani Lusinski) is Rose's punky roommate. She and Rose aren't good friends.
  • Megan (Megan Linder) – Megan is the hostess at Danny's restaurant.
  • Patrick (Peter Paige) – Patrick is the son Renee gave up for adoption 19 years ago and hasn't seen since. He owns a bed and breakfast on Cape Cod.
  • Francesca Sorelli (Dana Delany) – Francesca is Joe Sorelli's wife and the mother of the Sorelli sisters. She died 15 years ago of cancer.

Guest appearances[edit]

List of episodes[edit]

# Title Original airdate
1"Moving Out, Moving In, Moving On"October 5, 2005 (2005-10-05)

A lot is happening in the lives of the Sorelli sisters. The baby, Rose, 19, is moving into a new dorm room now that she's switched from pre-med to experimental theater. The next oldest, Marjee, 23, is moving out of her apartment and back home with dad. She's been evicted. Her life sucks. Things aren't any better for the next oldest, Ann, who apparently is being dumped by her steady boyfriend of the last six years, Danny, who's too busy opening a new restaurant to talk to her about it. The oldest sister, Ginnie, a 31-year-old corporate attorney, has just learned that she's pregnant, is contemplating how her life will change and trying to break the news to her husband, Bob.

The sisters learn that their father, Joe, a widower, has become engaged to his girlfriend, Renee, who it just so happens none of the sisters like a whole lot. So the sisters throw an engagement party for Joe and Renee. Rose shows up having just pierced her tongue and dyed her hair bright blue. Each sister's secret is then revealed one after another, which is very upsetting and results in some serious Sorelli sister bonding which is what it's all about anyway.
2"Hang in There, Baby"October 12, 2005 (2005-10-12)
Ginnie and Bob try to do all the things they won't be able to do after the baby arrives. On a visit to the Empire State Building, Ginnie learns that Bob is deathly afraid of heights. Meanwhile, Ann is in denial about the fact that she and Danny are breaking up. Marjee has moved back in with her father and is annoyed that his fiancée, Renée, gets up way too early in the morning and is way too cheerful. Rose, now majoring in experimental theater, worries that her father will stop paying for her education.
3"Cry Me A Sister"October 19, 2005 (2005-10-19)
Ann is depressed and suffering over her breakup with Danny. Ginnie goes to Danny's restaurant to talk to him but it only makes matters worse. Ann is furious at Ginnie for butting in. Meanwhile, Marjee is beginning to think that her new job is the job from hell and Rose's punky roommate, Flash, makes fun of her in front of their acting class. Rose tries to change rooms but can't, so she and Joel dig up dirt on Flash to put her in her place.
4"Hello, Deli"October 26, 2005 (2005-10-26)
As the four sisters watch their father's deli over the weekend as he goes on a vacation with Renée, Ann tires to get over Danny, Ginnie and Marjee fight over responsibility and Rose questions her decision to change majors.
5"The Naked Truth"October 31, 2005 (2005-10-31)
Rose get the major role on Alex's play, but whens she realizes that she'll have to do a "nude scene" with him on it, she decides not to invite her father and Renée to see it.
6"Sex and the Sisters"November 7, 2005 (2005-11-07)
Ginnie and Bob are trying hard not to have sex, on the advice of Ginnie's doctor. Rose is considering having sex. Marjee tells her, "it's good, have it". Ginnie and Ann later give Rose different advice. After a horrible date with someone close to her own age, Ann decides to have sex with Zach, who is Rose's age.
7"Francesca"November 14, 2005 (2005-11-14)
While preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, the sisters reminisce about their mother, Francesca (played by Dana Delany in flashback scenes), who died of cancer. Their father's fiancee´, Renee, tries to help with the dinner but the girls are annoyed by almost everything she does.
8"Driving Miss Crazy"November 21, 2005 (2005-11-21)
Marjee tries to teach Ginnie how to drive. Joe asks Ann to talk to the emotionally troubled Renée. Rose's long time best friend, Joel, is jealous of the attention she gives to her new boyfriend, Alex.
9"Have Yourself a Sorelli Little Christmas"December 12, 2005 (2005-12-12)
Bob has waited to the last minute to tell Ginnie that his parents will be visiting for Christmas. Ginnie is hurt by the icy cold treatment she gets from Bob's mother. Ann is in an awkward situation knowing the big secret that Renée is keeping from Joe. Marjee continues her relationship with her boss' boyfriend, Jason. Rose isn't sure whether a present she receives is from Alex or Joel.
10"The Godmother"January 23, 2006 (2006-01-23)
Ginnie and Bob argue over whether Ann should be the guardian of their child in the event they both die. Ann has misgivings about her relationship with Zach. Marjee is tired of having a secret relationship with Jason. Joel tells Rose he won't be the best friend any longer. (This episode was originally called "Trust".)
11"London Calling"January 30, 2006 (2006-01-30)
Ginnie goes to the recording studio where Bob works and runs into Kylie, Bob's old girlfriend. Kylie later pays a surprise visit to Ginnie's office. Ann arranges for Marco to talk to Danny about a business deal. Marco tells Ann that he wants a serious relationship. Marjee and Jason come up with a plan to leave Trish but Jason doesn't go through with it. Rose plans to sleep with Alex but is still thinking about Joel.
12"Daddy's Little Girl"February 6, 2006 (2006-02-06)
Ginnie gets Bob to admit he's attracted Kylie. Kylie moves out of the loft and back to a hotel. Ann meets Marco a couple of times at Sorelli's Deli and considers getting serious with him. Marjee's quits her job, breaks up with Jason and moves in with Ann who she says is her favorite sister. Joe Sorelli is cool when he finds Alex in Rose's dorm room but not cool when his little girl brings Alex home for dinner.
13"Not Without My Daughter"February 13, 2006 (2006-02-13)
Joe and Renee are getting married. After Ginnie is told by her doctor to get complete bed rest, Bob tries to find a way to keep her from missing the wedding. When Ann learns that Danny isn't planning to go, she convinces him that he should. Danny arrives at the wedding alone, having just had an argument with Megan. Ann is with Marco but pays more attention to Danny. Marjee gets annoyed at Renee's son, Patrick, when he announces a gift that is similar to the gift that the Sorelli sisters are planning to give. Rose is with Alex but Alex seems more interested in his acting career than in being with Rose.
14"Here's a Balloon For You"February 27, 2006 (2006-02-27)
Ann and Danny are back together. Both Marjee and Rose are without boyfriends. When problems with Ginnie's pregnancy worsen, Bob takes her to the hospital where she eventually loses the baby. Nobody knows how to get in touch with Joe who is on his honeymoon, so Marjee breaks into Trish's office in an effort to find out. Trish catches her and throws her out but Jason surprises Marjee when he turns up at the hospital with the information she was looking for. Rose is surprised when Joel appears at the hospital and later is surprised again when she learns that Joel has a girlfriend. Danny is stunned when Ann tells him a secret she kept from him for the six years they were together.
15"Sisters are Forever"March 6, 2006 (2006-03-06)
Ginnie is avoiding Bob who is worried they'll turn out like his parents, who ignore each other. Bob and Ginnie's marriage seems to be breaking up. Danny is having a hard time accepting that Ann never told him that she had an abortion. Jason convinces Marjee to go into business with him but Trish has blackballed them with all the suppliers. Marjee kidnaps Trish's dog and uses the dog to blackmail Trish. Rose and Joel are hanging around together. When Joel's girlfriend, Chloe, finds out, she puts a stop to it.
16"His Name is Ruth"
"Lhasa Love"
March 13, 2006 (2006-03-13)
Ginnie brings home a lost dog and treats the dog better than she treats Bob. Ann, who has a lot of time on her hands since she and Danny split up again, tries to help Bob pick out a birthday gift for Ginnie, but Bob doesn't really want any help. Marjee starts to think that Jason might be "the one" but gets suspicious when he gets calls from another woman. After Marjee kisses her old friend PJ, she starts to wonder if her relationship with Jason is doomed because neither she nor Jason is trustworthy. Rose befriends Joel's girlfriend, Chloe, and ends up at a restaurant with Joel, Chloe and Joel's roommate. When Joel and Rose decide to split their orders, Chloe freaks out and Rose realises that she has feelings for Joel.
17"The Cape"March 20, 2006 (2006-03-20)
Ginnie and Bob, who are still having problems, go to Cape Cod (at Joe's invitation) for a weekend at the Tide Inn, which Renee's son, Patrick, half owns. Jason gets evicted from his apartment by Trish, from whom he sublet it, so Marjee and Jason move in with Ann, who doesn't like the arrangement at all. Marjee learns that none of the other sisters like Jason. Rose, who has finally realized that she is in love with Joel, learns that Chloe is throwing a birthday party for him. Chloe reluctantly invites Rose who reluctantly goes and proceeds to get drunk and kiss Joel. Meanwhile, Joe has told Ginnie that he wants to sell the deli and move to Cape Cod permanently, so Ginnie starts a phone chain. Ann, Rose and Marjee (and Jason) drive up to Cape Cod intent on talking Joe out of moving but the four sisters have a change of heart and give their blessing to the move.
18"The Move"March 20, 2006 (2006-03-20)
Series finale: As the four Sorelli sisters help Joe pack for his move to the cape, they find a curious love note from Marjee's former piano teacher, Nino Rosati, to their mother, Francesca. The relationship between Bob and Ginnie continues to be difficult. Bob tells Ginnie that he is considering taking a job as a sound engineer on Jack Johnson's tour. The opening act is none other than Bob's former girlfriend, Kylie Stewart. Ginnie, who is handling details of the sale of the deli, finds herself attracted to a male colleague who is handling things for the buyer. Ann is stuck with the job of taking care of Joe who hurt his back picking up a bag of bird seed. Marjee has misgivings about Jason's suggestion that they get an apartment together. When Rose goes to Joel's dorm room to apologize for getting drunk and kissing him, she learns that Chloe has broken up with him. Joel blames Rose. – The sisters find another note from Nino to Francesca – and a key to Nino's hotel room. While wondering if their mother had an affair, the sisters conclude that it's important for a person to go after what they really want. Rose goes to Joel's dorm room to make love to him. Ann goes to talk to Danny. Marjee tells Jason that things aren't going to work out because she wants more than what they have. Ginnie, who has gone to her colleague's apartment and kissed him, realizes that an affair is not what she wants and rushes home to Bob – only to find that Bob has left and gone on tour.

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