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Relatively Speaking is a 2011 anthology produced on Broadway of three plays: "Talking Cure" by Ethan Coen, "George is Dead" by Elaine May, and "Honeymoon Motel" by Woody Allen. It opened at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on October 20, 2011. The play closed on January 29, 2012, after 153 performances.[1]


The three plays were cast as follows:[2]

“Talking Cure”: Jason Kravits (Doctor), Danny Hoch (Jerry), Max Gordon Moore (Attendant), Allen Lewis Rickman (Father) and Katherine Borowitz (Mother).

“George Is Dead”: Lisa Emery (Carla), Marlo Thomas (Doreen), Grant Shaud (Michael), Patricia O’Connell (Nanny), Mr. Rickman (Funeral Director) and Mr. Moore (Assistant Funeral Director).

“Honeymoon Motel”: Steve Guttenberg (Jerry Spector), Ari Graynor (Nina Roth), Mr. Shaud (Eddie), Caroline Aaron (Judy Spector), Julie Kavner (Fay Roth), Mark Linn-Baker (Sam Roth), Richard Libertini (Rabbi Baumel), Mr. Kravits (Dr. Brill), Mr. Hoch (Sal Buonacotti) and Bill Army (Paul Jessup).


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