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A relay is an electronic component; a form of switch actuated by a signal in one circuit to open or close another circuit.

Relay may also refer to:

In communication[edit]

  • Generally, a connection between the stations of a message-forwarding or transportation system


  • Stage station, a relay (or relais de poste) or stop or post for the changing of spent for fresh horses to be ridden by individuals, couriers or mail carriers or to draw stagecoaches or other vehicles
  • Cursus publicus, a courier-service in the Roman Empire
  • Relay league, a chain of message-forwarding stations



Other communication channels[edit]


  • Citroën Relay, a marketing version of the Citroën Jumper van
  • Saturn Relay, a minivan produced from 2005-07 by Saturn Corporation

Other uses[edit]

  • Relay (shop), a France-based chain of convenience stores
  • Relay (song), a 1972 song by The Who
  • Relay bid, a kind of artificial bid in contract bridge
  • Relay race, a race completed in parts by several participants of a team sequentially

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