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Reliable Source Music Ltd.
Industry Music
Genre Various
Founded 1997
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Products Music

Reliable Source Music is a UK music production and publishing company that specialises in providing music to media professionals. RSM create broadcast quality music for use in advertising, TV, video, radio, film, multimedia and corporate use, either off the shelf, or written to order.[1] As of September 2010 the company had a library of over 15,000 tracks.[2] This includes RSM's own music along with sub-publishing deals with other music libraries around the world.

Key staff[edit]

The company was established in 1997[3] by Dr Wayne Bickerton who still remains at the company as Managing Director,[4] John Sweeney is General Manager of the company. He joined Reliable Source Music after working with the MCPS-PRS for 21 years.[5] The account executives are all graduates of Music & Entertainment Industry Management at University of Hertfordshire, and the company maintains a good relationship with the university by regularly offering internships to their students.

Notable clients[edit]

Reliable Source Music has provided music to many TV programmes, including: Top Gear,[6] The X-Files, A Question Of Sport, EastEnders, The Night Football Changed (Sky Sports), Operation Jericho,[7] and Doctor Who Confidential.[8] In total the company's music has been used over 35,000 times on British TV since 2006. Outside of Britain the company's music was used in a promotional advert in America for the popular TV programme Glee. Along with providing music for TV and radio programmes, RSM also supply music for advertising campaigns such as; Easyjet, Johnnie Walker, Persil and Vodafone.

Notable composers[edit]

Several notable composers work for the company. They include: Brian Bennett, former drummer with the Shadows with important soundtrack credits; and Wayne Bickerton, founder of the company and composer of commercial hits throughout the 1970s.[9]


The company runs PopMusic4Synch, which offers commercial music for use in films and television programme from releases on the State Records label,[10] which includes artists such as Mac & Katie Kissoon, Delegation, and the David Rose Orchestra,[11] and also from Cubit Recordings including the band Miss 600.


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