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The Relief Society Magazine
Relief Society Magazine title.png
Relief Society mag 1917.jpg
Relief Society Magazine cover 1917
FounderSusa Young Gates
Year founded1915
Final issue
December 1970 (1970-12)
Vol 57 No 12
CompanyThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
CountryUnited States

Relief Society Magazine, including the Relief Society Bulletin of 1914,[1] was the official publication of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) from 1915 to 1970. It succeeded the earlier, and privately owned, Woman's Exponent, which was begun in 1872. The magazine was an important publishing outlet for Utah women, and was run by women editors. The founding editor, Susa Young Gates, edited the magazine from 1915 to 1922.

The December 1970 issue of the Relief Society Magazine was its last. The LDS Church discontinued the magazine as part of the implementation of the Priesthood Correlation Program. Thus, the magazine, and several others within the church, was replaced by the Ensign.[2]


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This BYU Library holds one of the largest collections of the magazine.

  • An index to poetry and prose in the Relief Society Magazine is available through the Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database of Brigham Young University.