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A relief is a sculpture where a modelled form projects from a flat background.

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  • Relief (music), the curvature of the neck of a guitar or similar instrument allowing the strings to vibrate freely
  • Relief (album), 2013 debut studio album by American rapper Mike Stud
  • Relief, 1998 album by Pope Jane
  • Relief, 2010 album by Finnish band Magenta Skycode
  • "Relief", a song by American band Cold War Kids from their 2008 album Loyalty to Loyalty

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Other uses[edit]

  • Relief (feature selection), a feature selection algorithm
  • Relief valve, a safety valve designed to open in overpressurized system conditions
  • Debt relief, the partial or total "lifting-back" or forgiveness of debt
  • Feudal relief, a payment to an overlord by the heir of a feudal tenant to license him to take possession of his inheritance
  • Judicial relief, or legal remedy
  • Optical relief, a concept in optical mineralogy
  • Poor relief, historical name, prior to the era of the welfare state, for official methods of poverty alleviation
  • Quasar Relief, a Czech competition hang glider design