Religion in Burundi

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Religion in Burundi (CIA)[1]

  Catholicism (60.0%)
  Protestantism (15.0%)
  Islam (5.0%)
  Indigenous beliefs and others (20.0%)

According to recent estimates by CIA, about 75 percent of the population of Burundi is Christian (60% being Roman Catholic, 15% being Protestant) and between 2 to 5 percent are Muslim (mainly Sunni). The remainder practise indigenous religions i.e., Animism or have no religious affiliation.[2]

Religious freedom[edit]

The Transitional Constitutional Act of 2001 provided for freedom of religion and this right is generally respected in practise. Religious groups must register with the Ministry of Interior and maintain a headquarters within the country. The heads of major religions are given diplomatic status. Certain Catholic holidays are observed as public holidays.

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