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This article covers the religious affiliation in the United States Senate.

While the religious preference of elected officials is by no means an indication of their allegiance nor necessarily reflective of their voting record, the religious affiliation of prominent members of all three branches of government is a source of commentary and discussion among the media and public. The topic is also of interest to religious groups and the general public who may appeal to Senators of their denomination on religious or moral issues facing the United States Senate.

Current United States Senators[edit]

The following list reports the religious affiliation of the members of the United States Senate in the 116th Congress. In most cases, besides specific sources, the current Senators' religious affiliations are those mentioned in regular researches by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life at the Pew Research Center.[1]

Christians (86)[edit]

Protestants (60)[edit]

Presbyterians (14)[edit]
Senator Party State Religion Notes
Lamar Alexander official photo (cropped).jpg Lamar Alexander Republican Tennessee Presbyterian[2][3]
Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) official headshot - 116th Congress (cropped).jpg Marsha Blackburn Republican Tennessee Presbyterian[4]
John Barrasso official portrait 112th Congress (cropped).jpg John Barrasso Republican Wyoming Presbyterian[5][6] Former Catholic
Shelley Moore Capito official Senate photo (cropped).jpg Shelley Moore Capito Republican West Virginia Presbyterian[7]
Tom Carper, official portrait, 112th Congress (cropped).jpg Tom Carper Democrat Delaware Presbyterian[8][9]
Chris Coons, official portrait, 112th Congress (cropped).jpg Chris Coons Democrat Delaware Presbyterian[10][11] Attends a Catholic church.[12]
Steve Daines official Senate portrait (cropped).jpg Steve Daines Republican Montana Presbyterian[13] Swore by a Lutheran Bible.[14]
Mike Enzi, official portrait, 111th Congress (cropped).jpg Mike Enzi Republican Wyoming Presbyterian[15][16]
Deb Fischer, official portrait, 115th Congress (cropped).jpg Deb Fischer Republican Nebraska Presbyterian[17][18]
Jim Inhofe official portrait (cropped).jpg Jim Inhofe Republican Oklahoma Presbyterian[19][20]
Rand Paul, official portrait, 112th Congress alternate (cropped).jpg Rand Paul Republican Kentucky Presbyterian[21][22] Raised as an Episcopalian.[23][24]
Ben Sasse official portrait (cropped).jpg Ben Sasse Republican Nebraska Presbyterian[25] Raised as Lutheran;[26][27] former Reformed.[28][29]
Richard Shelby, official portrait, 112th Congress (cropped).jpg Richard Shelby Republican Alabama Presbyterian[30][31]
Mark Warner, official 111th Congress photo portrait (cropped).jpg Mark Warner Democrat Virginia Presbyterian[32][33]
Baptists (11)[edit]
Senator Party State Religion Notes
Roy Blunt, Official Portrait, 112th Congress (cropped).jpg Roy Blunt Republican Missouri Baptist[34][35]
Cory Booker, official portrait, 114th Congress.jpg Cory Booker Democrat New Jersey Baptist[36] Raised as a Methodist.[37]
John Boozman, official portrait, 112th Congress (cropped).jpg John Boozman Republican Arkansas Baptist[38][39]
Ted Cruz, official portrait, 113th Congress (cropped 2).jpg Ted Cruz Republican Texas Baptist[40][41]
Lindsey Graham, Official Portrait 2006 (cropped).jpg Lindsey Graham Republican South Carolina Baptist[42][43]
Sen Chuck Grassley official.jpg Chuck Grassley Republican Iowa Baptist[44][45]
Kamala Harris official photo (cropped).jpg Kamala Harris Democrat California Baptist[46][47][48] Raised in both Christian (Baptist) and Hindu traditions.[49]
Cindy Hyde-Smith.jpg Cindy Hyde-Smith Republican Mississippi Baptist[50]
James Lankford official Senate photo (cropped).jpg James Lankford Republican Oklahoma Baptist[51][52]
Mitch McConnell portrait 2016.jpg Mitch McConnell Republican Kentucky Baptist[53][54]
Roger F. Wicker crop.jpg Roger Wicker Republican Mississippi Baptist[55][56]
Methodists (11)[edit]
Senator Party State Religion Notes
Richard Burr official portrait (cropped).jpg Richard Burr Republican North Carolina Methodist[57][58]
Tom Cotton official Senate photo (cropped).jpg Tom Cotton Republican Arkansas Methodist[59]
Johnny Isakson official Senate photo (cropped).jpg Johnny Isakson Republican Georgia Methodist[60][61]
Senator Doug Jones official photo (cropped).jpg Doug Jones Democrat Alabama Methodist[62]
John Neely Kennedy, official portrait, 115th Congress.jpg John Neely Kennedy Republican Louisiana Methodist[63]
Jerry Moran, official portrait, 112th Congress (cropped).jpg Jerry Moran Republican Kansas Methodist[64][65]
David Perdue official Senate photo.jpg David Perdue Republican Georgia Methodist[66]
Rob Portman official portrait (cropped).jpg Rob Portman Republican Ohio Methodist[67][68] Former Presbyterian[69][70]
Pat Roberts official Senate photo (cropped).jpg Pat Roberts Republican Kansas Methodist[71][72]
Debbie Stabenow, official portrait 2.jpg Debbie Stabenow Democrat Michigan Methodist[73][74]
Elizabeth Warren--Official 113th Congressional Portrait--.jpg Elizabeth Warren Democrat Massachusetts Methodist[75][76] Attends various churches.[77]
Lutherans (6)[edit]
Senator Party State Religion Notes
Sherrod Brown official photo 2009 2.jpg Sherrod Brown Democrat Ohio Lutheran[78][79][80]
Joni Ernst Official photo portrait 114th Congress (cropped).jpg Joni Ernst Republican Iowa Lutheran[78]
Cory Gardner official Senate portrait (cropped).jpeg Cory Gardner Republican Colorado Lutheran[78]
Martin Heinrich, official portrait, 113th Congress (cropped).jpg Martin Heinrich Democrat New Mexico Lutheran[78][81][82]
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress (cropped).jpg Ron Johnson Republican Wisconsin Lutheran[78][83][84]
Jeff Merkley, 115th official photo (cropped).jpg Jeff Merkley Democrat Oregon Lutheran[78][85][86]
Evangelicals (6)[edit]
Senator Party State Religion Notes
Bill Cassidy official Senate photo (cropped).jpg Bill Cassidy Republican Louisiana Evangelical[87]
Kevin Cramer, official portrait, 116th congress (cropped).jpg Kevin Cramer Republican North Dakota Evangelical[88] Former Lutheran.[88]
Josh Hawley, official portrait, 116th congress.jpg Josh Hawley Republican Missouri Evangelical[89] Raised as a Methodist.[89]
Official Portrait of Senator Rick Scott (cropped).jpg Rick Scott Republican Florida Evangelical[90] Former Presbyterian.[90]
Tim Scott, official portrait, 113th Congress (cropped).jpg Tim Scott Republican South Carolina Evangelical[91][92]
John Thune, official portrait, 111th Congress (cropped).jpg John Thune Republican South Dakota Evangelical[93][94]
Episcopalians (4)[edit]
Senator Party State Religion Notes
Angus King, official portrait, 113th Congress.jpg Angus King Independent Maine Episcopalian[95][96][97]
Gary Peters, official portrait, 114th Congress (cropped).jpg Gary Peters Democrat Michigan Episcopalian[95][98][99]
Chris Van Hollen official portrait 115th Congress (cropped).jpg Chris Van Hollen Democrat Maryland Episcopalian[95][100]
Sheldon Whitehouse 2010 (cropped).jpg Sheldon Whitehouse Democrat Rhode Island Episcopalian[95][101][102]
Congregationalists (2)[edit]
Senator Party State Religion Notes
Maggie Hassan, official portrait, 115th Congress (cropped).jpg Maggie Hassan Democrat New Hampshire Congregationalist
(United Church of Christ)[103]
Amy Klobuchar.jpg Amy Klobuchar Democrat Minnesota Congregationalist
(United Church of Christ)[104][105]
Holiness (1)[edit]
Senator Party State Religion Notes
JonTester (cropped).jpg Jon Tester Democrat Montana Holiness
(Church of God)[106][107]
Restorationist (1)[edit]
Senator Party State Religion Notes
John Cornyn official senate portrait (cropped).jpg John Cornyn Republican Texas Restorationist
(Churches of Christ)[108][109]
Generic Protestants (4)[edit]
Senator Party State Religion Notes
Sen. Martha McSally official Senate headshot 116th congress (cropped).jpg Martha McSally Republican Arizona Protestant[110]
Chris Murphy, official portrait, 113th Congress.jpg Chris Murphy Democrat Connecticut Protestant[111][112] Raised as a Congregationalist.[113]
Jeanne Shaheen, official Senate photo portrait, 2009 (cropped).jpg Jeanne Shaheen Democrat New Hampshire Protestant[114][115]
Senator Todd Young official portrait (cropped).jpg Todd Young Republican Indiana Protestant[110]

Catholics (22)[edit]

Senator Party State Religio Notes
Mike Braun, Official Portrait, 116th Congress (cropped).jpg Mike Braun Republican Indiana Catholic[116]
Maria Cantwell, official portrait, 110th Congress (cropped).jpg Maria Cantwell Democrat Washington Catholic[117][118]
Bob Casey Jr. official photo (cropped).jpg Bob Casey Democrat Pennsylvania Catholic[119][120]
Susan Collins official Senate photo (cropped).jpg Susan Collins Republican Maine Catholic[121][122]
Catherine Cortez Masto official portrait (cropped).jpg Catherine Cortez Masto Democrat Nevada Catholic[123][124][125]
Richard Durbin official photo (cropped).jpg Dick Durbin Democrat Illinois Catholic[126][127]
SenatorGillibrandpic.jpg Kirsten Gillibrand Democrat New York Catholic[128][129]
John Hoeven, Official Senate Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg John Hoeven Republican North Dakota Catholic[130][131]
Tim Kaine, official 113th Congress photo portrait (cropped).jpg Tim Kaine Democrat Virginia Catholic[132][133]
Patrick Leahy official photo (cropped).jpg Patrick Leahy Democrat Vermont Catholic[134][135]
Joe Manchin official portrait 112th Congress (cropped).jpg Joe Manchin Democrat West Virginia Catholic[129][136]
Edward Markey, official portrait, 114th Congress (cropped).jpg Ed Markey Democrat Massachusetts Catholic[137][138]
Robert Menendez, official Senate photo.jpg Bob Menendez Democrat New Jersey Catholic[139][140]
Lisa Murkowski.jpg Lisa Murkowski Republican Alaska Catholic[141][142]
Patty Murray, official portrait, 113th Congress (cropped).jpg Patty Murray Democrat Washington Catholic[143][144]
Jack Reed, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Jack Reed Democrat Rhode Island Catholic[145][146]
Jim Risch official portrait (cropped).jpg Jim Risch Republican Idaho Catholic[147][148]
Mike Rounds official Senate portrait (cropped).jpg Mike Rounds Republican South Dakota Catholic[149][150]
Marco Rubio, Official Portrait, 112th Congress (cropped).jpg Marco Rubio Republican Florida Catholic[151][152] Former Latter-day Saint.[153]
Senator Dan Sullivan official (cropped).jpg Dan Sullivan Republican Alaska Catholic
Thom Tillis official photo (cropped).jpg Thom Tillis Republican North Carolina Catholic
Pat Toomey, Official Portrait, 112th Congress (cropped).jpg Pat Toomey Republican Pennsylvania Catholic[154][155]

Latter-day Saints (4)[edit]

Senator Party State Religion Notes
Mike Crapo Official Photo 110th Congress (cropped).jpg Mike Crapo Republican Idaho Latter-day Saint[156][157]
Mike Lee official portrait 112th Congress (cropped).jpg Mike Lee Republican Utah Latter-day Saint[158][159]
Mitt Romney official US Senate portrait (cropped).jpg Mitt Romney Republican Utah Latter-day Saint[160][161]
Tom Udall official Senate portrait (cropped).jpg Tom Udall Democrat New Mexico Latter-day Saint[162][163]

Jews (8)[edit]

Senator Party State Religion Notes
Richard Blumenthal Official Portrait (cropped).jpg Richard Blumenthal Democrat Connecticut Jewish[164][165]
Ben Cardin official Senate portrait (cropped).jpg Ben Cardin Democrat Maryland Jewish[166][167]
Dianne Feinstein, official Senate photo 2 (cropped).jpg Dianne Feinstein Democrat California Jewish[168][169][170]
Bernie Sanders (cropped).jpg Bernie Sanders Independent Vermont Jewish[171][172]
Jacky Rosen, official portrait, 116th congress (cropped-1).jpg Jacky Rosen Democrat Nevada Jewish[173][174]
Brian Schatz, official portrait, 113th Congress 2 (cropped).jpg Brian Schatz Democrat Hawaii Jewish[175][176]
Chuck Schumer official photo (cropped).jpg Chuck Schumer Democrat New York Jewish[177][178]
Ron Wyden official photo (cropped).jpg Ron Wyden Democrat Oregon Jewish[179][180]

Buddhists (1)[edit]

Senator Party State Religion Notes
Mazie Hirono, official portrait, 113th Congress (cropped).jpg Mazie Hirono Democrat Hawaii Buddhist
(Jōdo Shinshū)[181][182]

Unaffiliated (5)[edit]

Senator Party State Religion Notes
Tammy Baldwin, official portrait, 113th Congress (cropped).jpg Tammy Baldwin Democrat Wisconsin Unaffiliated[183][184] Baptized as a Episcopalian.[185]
Michael Bennet Official Photo (cropped).jpg Michael Bennet Democrat Colorado Unafilliated[186][187] Raised in both Jewish and Christian traditions.[188]
Tammy Duckworth 115th official portrait (cropped).jpg Tammy Duckworth Democrat Illinois Unaffiliated Sometimes acknowledged as Deist.[189]
Kyrsten Sinema by Gage Skidmore.jpg Kyrsten Sinema Democrat Arizona Unaffiliated Raised as a Latter-day Saint.[190]
Tina Smith official photo (cropped).jpg Tina Smith Democrat Minnesota Unaffiliated Swore by the Bible.[191]

Comparison with general population[edit]

In conjunction with figures derived from the Pew Research Center's 2014 Religious Landscape Study,[192] the most basic breakdown of the above data indicates that 86% of the Senate identifies as Christian (compared with 70.6% of the population), 8% of the Senate identifies as Jewish (compared with 1.9% of the population), 1% of the Senate identifies with other religions (compared with 5.9% of the population), and 5% percent of the Senate remains unaffiliated (compared with 22.8% of the population).

The following list compares reported religious affiliations of U.S. senators to religious statistics of the demographics of the United States of America:

  • Protestants are represented by 60% of the Senate for 46.5% of the population.
    • Presbyterians are represented by 14% of the Senate for 2.2% of the population.
    • Baptists are represented by 11% of the Senate for 15.3% of the population.
    • Methodists are represented by 11% of the Senate for 4.4% of the population.
    • Lutherans are represented by 6% of the Senate for 3.6% of the population.
    • Episcopalians are represented by 4% of the Senate for 1.2% of the population.
    • Evangelicals are represented by 6% of the Senate for 26.4% of the population.
    • Congregationalists are represented by 2% of the Senate for 0.5% of the population.
    • The Church of God is represented by 1% of the Senate for 0.7% of the population.
    • The Churches of Christ are represented by 1% of the Senate for 1.5% of the population.
  • Catholics are represented by 22% of the Senate for 20.8% of the population.
  • Latter-day Saints are represented by 4% of the Senate for 1.6% of the population.
  • Jews are represented by 8% of the Senate for 1.9% of the population.
  • Buddhists are represented by 1% of the Senate for 0.7% of the population.
  • Other religious affiliations (including Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Bahá'ís, Taoists, Jains, Unitarian Universalists, New Age, and adherents to Native American religions) are unrepresented in the Senate for 4.3% of the population.
  • Those without religious affiliation are represented by 5% of the Senate for 22.8% of the population.

See also[edit]


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