Remains of the Day (song)

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"Remains of the Day"
Song by Danny Elfman from the album Corpse Bride
Released September 20, 2005
Format CD
Recorded 2005
Genre Soundtrack
Label Warner Bros.
Writer Danny Elfman
Producer Danny Elfman
Corpse Bride track listing
"In the Forest"
"Remains of the Day"
"Casting a Spell"

"Remains of the Day" is one of the four main songs sung in the 2005 stop-motion animated film Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.[1] It was composed by Danny Elfman, along with all other music for the film.[2]

The song is the second one in the movie, and vital to the plot. The character Bonejangles (voiced by Danny Elfman) introduces the song with the following lyrics: "What a story it is; a tragic tale of romance, passion and murder most foul". Then, Bonejangles and other skeletons and corpses from the Land of the Dead sing the song with a fast and jazzy melody, and the lyrics explain how Emily (the Corpse Bride) died.

Use in the soundtrack album[edit]

  • The song can be heard on the "Corpse Bride" soundtrack. A notable feature on the soundtrack, on the bonus tracks, a Remains of the Day tribute to the "New Orleans style" jazz combination is played. This was used as source music in the movie.
  • At the end of the "End Credits" track of the soundtrack, the song's chorus is played. It is not sung, however, in the actual end credits.