Remake & Mix 18 Beon

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Remake & Mix 18 Beon
Psy Remake & Mix 18 Beon Album.jpg
Remix album by PSY
Released July 22, 2005[citation needed]
Genre K-pop, hip-hop
Language Korean
Label EMI Korea
PSY chronology
(2002)3 PSY2002
Remake & Mix 18 Beon

Remake & Mix 18 Beon (Korean: REMAKE & MIX 18번) is the first remix and cover album by South Korean singer PSY. The album was released on July 23, 2005. The album contains 16 songs.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Skit"    
2. "Life Theatre Version A (인생극장)"    
3. "Delight (환희)"    
4. "I've Loved (사랑했어요)"    
5. "Father (아버지)"    
6. "Sano Ramen (사노라면)"    
7. "Someday (언젠가는)"    
8. "Alley (골목길)" (featuring Cho PD) PSY, Cho PD  
9. "Urbanite (도시인)"    
10. "Around Thirty (서른 즈음에)"    
11. "You in Vague Memory (흐린 기억속의 그대)"    
12. "Already Like This (벌써 이렇게)"    
13. "Champion (챔피언)"    
14. "Life" (featuring Cho PD, Lee Ha-neul, JP, Masta Wu) PSY, Cho PD, Masta Wu  
15. "Skit - 첩보"    
16. "Life Theatre Version B (인생극장)"