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Município de Remanso
Location of Remanso in Bahia
Location of Remanso in Bahia
Remanso is located in Brazil
Location of Remanso in Brazil
Coordinates: 09°37′19″S 42°04′51″W / 9.62194°S 42.08083°W / -9.62194; -42.08083Coordinates: 09°37′19″S 42°04′51″W / 9.62194°S 42.08083°W / -9.62194; -42.08083
Country Brazil
StateBandeira da Bahia.svg Bahia
FoundedAugust 9, 1900
 • MayorJosé Clementino de Carvalho Filho (PSD, 2017-2020)
 • Total4,683.4 km2 (1,808.3 sq mi)
Elevation398 m (1,306 ft)
Population (2014)
 • Total42,056
 • Density9.0/km2 (23/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (BRT)

Remanso (backwater) is a municipality in the state of Bahia in the North-East region of Brazil.


Remanso covers 4,683.4 km2 (1,808.3 sq mi), and has a population of 42,056 with a population density of 9 inhabitants per square kilometer. Remanso was relocated from its original location in 1974 with the construction of the Sobradinho Dam, which submerged the original municipality under the Sobradinho Reservoir. It consists of two districts: Remanso, the municipal seat, and Poços.[1][2] The municipality was designated a priority area for conservation and sustainable use when the Caatinga Ecological Corridor was created in 2006.[3]


Remanso was originally inhabited by indigenous people of the Acoroase ethnic group. Refugees of armed conflicts in the nearby municipality of Pilão Arcado arrived in the 19th century. The area was fertile and due to its location on the São Francisco River, provided a good site for cattle ranching and fishing. The area quickly attracted new residents who founded the town of Vila de Nossa Senhora do Remanso do Pilão Arcado in 1857. This became an independent municipality on August 9, 1900 under the name of Remanso.


Under Brazilian Federal Law no. 10/77 of January 28, 1977 the municipality was relocated 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) from its original location in 1974 for the construction of the Sobradinho Dam. The new location, referred to as Nova Remanso (New Remanso), was constructed by Companhia Hidro Elétrica do São Francisco (São Francisco Hydroelectric Company). The municipality lost a quarter of its territory with the construction of the dam and the old city is now submerged under the Sobradinho Reservoir.[2]


Remanso is noted for its micareta, an off-season celebration similar to the Brazilian Carnival. The micareta of Remanso attracts approximately 10,000 people annually. The municipality also holds the Our Lady Rosário Festival annually.[4]

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